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  1. js47

    Questionable Quality Control for DJI Filters?

    Out of the 12 filters I’ve had over 3 sets (1x dark set and 2x light sets — all purchased brand new, 2 of which were sealed in retail packaging), 3 filters (25%!) have this weird "starriness" to them — they look almost like mist filters. The defect pattern is uniform and across 100% of the...
  2. blinderman129

    ND Filters

    Anyone had any luck finding ND filters? All I'm seeing are the DJI filters being backordered or not in stock yet.
  3. adcimagery

    PGYTECH Mavic 3 Filters - Much Cheaper than DJI

    It's not really a surprise, but DJI's stock filters are really expensive. If you're like me and didn't get the Mavic 3 as part of a kit with filters, but still need some, I'd suggest checking out PGYTECH's. There's a lot of brands out there, but I recently had the opportunity to test out their...
  4. jelarv

    Green Dot in My Video (the sun?)

    During the first flight of my Mavic 3, I had a green dot in the middle of the screen. Coincidentally as I turned away from the sun it went away (not likely a coincidence because I suspect it's the sun hitting the filter). I don't recall ever having this occur with my Mavic 2 Zoom, but I don't...
  5. B

    ND filters in stock

    Not sure if this problem was unique to Australia, but the dji store now has the DJI Air 2S ND Filters Set (ND64/128/256/512) in stock and available for purchase.
  6. M

    How much weight can the gimbal handle?

    In terms of filters, how much weight would be acceptable for the gimbal to handle? The oem filters weight about 1.5 ounces
  7. Lastrexking

    Polarising filters in the UK

    Does anyone know anywhere in the UK selling polarising filters for the mini/mini2? I’ve done a google search, and looked in my usual shops, but no joy. I’ve seen one as part of a kit, but I’m not interested in ND filters as I don’t film people/moving objects. Edit to add - I won’t use eBay...
  8. rleiman

    Mavic 2 Pro filters for the Mavic Air 2

    Greetings Everyone, I noticed in photos that the rectangle lens ring on my Mavic Air 2 looks similar to the same thing on the Mavic 2 Pro. Will filters designed for the Mavic 2 Pro fit on my Mavic Air 2? Truly, Emad
  9. SirWilliamofKernow


    Hi, New to the flying camera tech and want to explore filters and how they can better my video / photo enhancement? Any suggestions? thanks
  10. Ajotapl

    Video/JPG/RAW big noise at Daylight | Mavic Air

    Hey guys, It's quite difficult to not see the big noise in the photos attached (the video is too big to attach here) - In the JPG/RAW image I think it'd be normal a bit of noise at daylight but IMHO, there's too much, isn't it? I didnt take a screenshot when flying the MA, but the settings were...
  11. S

    Mavic Pro 2 Zoom and filters at the beach, Fly at night.

    What are the best filters for Mavic Pro 2 Zoom? I live at the beach so glare is an issue from the water i'm sure. it's often very overcast/Marine layer for the first half is not most of the days. Also like to fly at night so what is the best Filter/settings for video at low light conditions. I...
  12. N

    My Mavic Air set-up and why

    So this is what I consider my travel pack. The Phantom 4 Pro stays at home because it is too big and cumbersome, also not as quick to set up when you really, really want it. The camera is far superior, but, the principle of "the best camera on you" applies when travelling. For my...
  13. D

    Mavic Air Filters and Snow

    Hi everyone Like most new Air owners, I'm new to the world of filters and am doing countless Googling and Youtubing. I was considering the Cinema Series by PolarPro but it includes ND4, ND8, ND16, ND4/PL, ND8/PL, ND16/PL, and from what I have read, there really is no use for ND4 and 8, and in...
  14. O

    PolarPro Filters in UK

    I'm trying to order some of their Cinematographers Collection | Cinema Series | Mavic 2 filters as they should be shipping on the 22 Sep. I live in the UK and the shipping is $45 (Unless I want to wait up to 4 weeks! in which case there will be no chance of any sun un the UK) USPS Standard...
  15. F

    Aperture controls? Filters? HDMI output?

    Anyone have any idea: How aperture is controlled (this is very exciting)? How filters might work for the M2P? Dear God, please say the remote has HDMI output...
  16. Bluenoseken

    Hi all from Moreton, Wirral, UK

    New Mavic Air owner. Been flying my new MA since July 10th. Absolutely loving it! Would appreciate any hints and tips regarding the use of Polar Pro filters and video editing software for windows 10. I am still getting to grips with using Power Director 16 for video editing and would like to...
  17. E

    New firmware - IMU calibration and other issues

    1. Just updated to newest firmware. Afterwards I have had several issues - drift during flight amongst them. I am calibrating the IMU according to DJI´s video instructions - it remains stuck on step 2 - any solutions ? I have watched the recommended video, done precisely as it recommends, but...
  18. I

    Tested Skyreat ND Filters & what PL Filters do.

    Tested out the Skyreat ND filters for DJI Mavic AIR.. also good if you wondered what PL filters do.
  19. M

    Looking for used set of Polar Pro filters

    I am looking for a used set of Polar Pro filters for my Mavic Pro as a reasonable price.
  20. A

    Mavic Air - Filters for Photography (not videography)

    Hi All Sorry if this question has already been answered. I have recently purchased 2 drones primarily for photography purposes (not videography) .... Phantom 4 Advantage and Mavic Air. I'm new to photography and have read quite a few posts in regards to the use of filters for cinematic...