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My Mavic Air set-up and why


Dec 28, 2018
Eastbourne, East Sussex, England, UK
So this is what I consider my travel pack. The Phantom 4 Pro stays at home because it is too big and cumbersome, also not as quick to set up when you really, really want it. The camera is far superior, but, the principle of "the best camera on you" applies when travelling.

For my controller I use a Polar Pro mount, with my DJI Crystal Sky P4 RC mount attached, which I find superior to the supplied one with the Polar Pro, and the integrated USB-A > USB-C is a nice length, and the micro USB connection is known to be flaky on Mavic controllers anyway. This set up gives nice balance for a 7.85" Crystal Sky, which I share with the P4 Pro.

The filter set, again - Polar Pro - is essential for video recording in bright light conditions I find.

With that, I have 4 batteries and 2 for the CrystalSky (which both last many hours on full brightness). I prefer the CrystalSky by far over 3rd party tablets and phones because Go 4 uses a lot of resources on a tablet / phone, including ALL the GPS/ Wifi and location info aspects of the device. trouble with phones and tablets are other software apps that continuously compete for these resources in the background, and can lead to regular disconnects or crashes - something you don't want when in the air especially. It is an investment, but a worthwhile one in my opinion, especially on a Mavic controller too as you get the benefit of a large viewer (in the full sized Crystal Sky configuration), and ABOVE rather than below the controller.

The last thing I need to do is upgrade the stock antenna system, which I find pretty useless for both reliability and penetration, so will fit a helical circular polarised antenna very shortly (once I get back home to order one). That will give a big 11dBi (approx) increase, plus - as it is circular rather than linearly polarised, will not see significant drop offs in signal if off perpendicular to the aircraft.

FPVLR are my supplier of choice for antennas, and I have that fitted to my P4P also and is stellar. Ext. Wifi is not ideal as transmission goes, but it can be significantly improved with better antennas.


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