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  1. cgmaxed

    DJI Drone Internal Transmitter Booster. NOT FOR the RC, but for the drone itself.

    Does anyone know who might supply RF boosters for drones themselves? Or, how the drone's output signal can be boosted. I'm not interested in boosting the R/C. That's been done. I'd like to boost the drone's RF output itself. Flying low in wooded areas is very limiting. If the drones output RF...
  2. D

    Phantom 3 no Landing Button, no Transmission

    Hello everyone, happy Christmas! I have expanded my drone fleet, the DJI PHANTOM 3 Standard! Two questions I noticed after the first test flights, where I have not yet found a suitable solution to. 1. in the quick description you can see a button that initiates the landing from vertical...
  3. Nawfaal

    I can’t switch my Mavic Mini to 5.8GHz.

    I have a Spark as well and it works fine on 5.8GHz. But my Mavic Mini shows channels only from 1-11 in Manual transmission mode and I cannot switch it to 5.8GHz when I’m getting high interference on 2.4GHz. Kindly help please :( FYI, I am in Mauritius and again my Spark works fine on 5.8GHz.
  4. N

    My Mavic Air set-up and why

    So this is what I consider my travel pack. The Phantom 4 Pro stays at home because it is too big and cumbersome, also not as quick to set up when you really, really want it. The camera is far superior, but, the principle of "the best camera on you" applies when travelling. For my...
  5. V

    Mavic Air - New Video Feed Issues

    Odd issue here...I've had solid video feed on my Mavic Air for about 2 weeks now even since I've been choosing my custom WiFi channels instead of using Auto. Using an iPad Mini 4 for my monitor and the ONLY thing the Mini is used for is flying the Air so it's bare bones. I went to fly yesterday...
  6. M

    Mavic Pro video transmission problem

    Hi all, I'm a newbie to Mavic Pro and drones in general. I bought myself recently a new DJI Mavic Pro and I have big problems with video/signal transmission from the Mavic Pro to my smartphone during the flight. Here is a video of how I see the video from the drone on the display of my...
  7. phemmert

    Weak Controller Transmission Signal

    Brand new Mavic, maiden flight today, finding that I'm unable to get beyond about 100 feet vertically and/or 50 feet horizontally, I begin to lose controller transmission signal. I see a warning on the app, and the radio signal strength icon steadily decreases to near zero when I get up above...