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  1. Mike Shock

    CrystalSky: comparison

    I made a table - comparison of CS and DJI RCs and TriplTek tablet with links to specs. Probably it may be of use to someone that chooses a display device.
  2. cocoon

    Crystal Sky issue : remote controller battery drain.

    Hello , I did the CristalSky update to and I am looking to disable the remote controller from charging the CristalSky. It seems it is impossible right now meanwhile it never happen before the update. Before the update the remote controller was not charging the battery of the crystal...
  3. bneuhaus

    Can I download my Litchi missions to CrystalSky?

    Hi, I would like to download the Litchi-missions programmed on the Litchi-website for my Mavic Pro to my Litchi-App on CrystalSky. I can save missions that I develop direct with Litchi on CrystalSky and reload them but I cannot access any Litchi-missions developed on my PC. Any ideas how to...
  4. K

    data disappears from display

    I am a beginner, learning to fly my Mavic 2 Pro, using the standard controller that comes with the drone, and a 5.5" CrystalSky display. Today I was flying line of sight. About the time I reached my turnaround point, all of the data, including the map view, disappeared from the screen leaving...
  5. Myha

    DJI CrystalSky, downloaded offline maps present but are not displaying in latest version of DJI Go 4 V4.3.16

    I have reviewed the other Post on the Crystalsky offline maps issue, but it does not seem to address the problem that I am seeing. Crystalsky firmware version When I check for updates, none are shown when wifi is connected. I have uploaded images demonstrating the problem and describe...
  6. minsk

    Crystal Sky Mapbox problems

    Many thanks in advance for help with this as I'm at my wits end. Mavic Pro Plat CS 5.5 All firmware up to date 1. Out of the box I could pre-load a Mapbox map in the region and exact area of my choice onto the cache in the CS. However, once on location, the map was blank in DJI Go, but I could...
  7. Keule

    [CrystalSky] DJI Pilot app v1.3.0

    For those of you having troubles with the 'older' versions, especially M2ED users, try this version. As usual, DJI's changelog is very short and does not address 'bugs' explicitly. A new mission type has been added - oblique - which should make 3D creations easier. As in version 1.2.0 the...
  8. Keule

    GO4 version 4.3.14 released for CrystalSky (Mar 15, 2019)

    ALCON DJI released the long awaited GO4 (with waypoints) for the CrystalSky.
  9. M

    CrystalSky 5.5" for sale

    Hello, I'm selling my CrystalSky 5.5" monitor. Upgraded firmware, never used outdoors, with original protective films on the screen and battery. Asking 426 GBP to paypal account. Here is my eBay listing: CrystalSky 5.5" High Brightness | eBay If you buy directly from me I can make a...
  10. kareemsameer1978

    crystalsky UI is totally different than the IOS.....i'm disappointed

    still no way points 2.0.... no firmware update... 5D button is not working while shooting in manual mode.... any more notes ??
  11. Watash48

    Crystal Sky vs. iPad Pro

    CrystalSky vs. iPad Pro? Which one for my Mavic 2 Pro Controller and why please? Thank you PS, which mount do you recommend for the CrystalSky (If I choose to take that route)
  12. F

    Case for Mavic, Goggles and Crystalsky

    Hi, all. Wondering if anyone knows of a hardshell case or a backpack that fits a Mavic 2 Pro, DJI racing goggles and a 7.85" Crystalsky? Preferably the cutout rigid foam style. Thanks
  13. H

    Connect CS WiFi to phone hotspot

    Is there any functional advantage gained by connecting my CrystalSky WiFi to my mobile phone hotspot during flight operations?
  14. N

    My Mavic Air set-up and why

    So this is what I consider my travel pack. The Phantom 4 Pro stays at home because it is too big and cumbersome, also not as quick to set up when you really, really want it. The camera is far superior, but, the principle of "the best camera on you" applies when travelling. For my...
  15. Keule

    DJI Pilot app 1.01 available for CrystalSky Monitor

    DJI silently made the Pilot app 1.01 available for download. It now has a mission planner section working! Here the link: Pilot app for Android
  16. RTR-MT

    Mavic 2 - CrystalSky setup

    Thanks to Cyberpower678 for making it possible to use my CrystalSky monitor with the new Mavic 2! ( Tired of waiting for Mavic 2 support on CrystalSky? Wait no longer! ) Just completed basic test flight--no problems. Did not try intelligent flight modes. Now waiting for the best way to...
  17. C

    Tired of waiting for Mavic 2 support on CrystalSky? Wait no longer!

    So, the official news from DJI is that the US won't see an update for a while. Thus leaving us users in the dust. But I have managed to pull an updated, official, CS APK for DJI Go 4 from their servers and have created a share link for everyone to use. Tap this link with your CrystalSky to...
  18. Aerial-Pixel

    CrystalSky and Lilliput A7s Monitor

    Has anyone used the Lilliput A7s as a secondary monitor with the CrystalSky? I have a pretty lengthy multi-day inspection job on a large building here in the area and the Client would like to be able to view as well. Instead of having him look over my shoulder the whole time I thought it may be...
  19. Ace79

    CrystalSky 5.5 or iPad Mini 4?

    I really need a dedicated monitor because my S7 Edge just sucks anymore. Reluctantly, I think I am going to spend more for a tablet than I want to because I need to be able to count on it. I'm truly stuck between the CS 5.5 and an iPad mini 4. There are pros and cons to each so I am looking for...
  20. j.r.r.

    CrystalSky Ultra Bright Monitord

    I placed the order for CS Ultra Bright monitor today and looks like I didn't do proper research. Searching number of forums I noticed there were number of problems reported with this unit between last couple of months of 2017 and first 3 months of 2018. The most recent posts I see report over...