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final cut pro

  1. otacon

    For those that want to use Final Cut Pro and don't already have it.

    For those that don't know, you can get the Pro Apps Bundle for Education for $199 by simply adding it to your cart and checking out. The bundle includes full copies of: Final Cut Pro, Motion, Compressor, Logic Pro and Mainstage 3. You don't have to verify anything. I actually am taking some...
  2. bigcows

    Importing into Final Cut Pro in D-log

    Hi All, is anyone having trouble importing dlog video files into final cut pro? I could not. It should not be that hard...
  3. Drone UK

    Simple Fast way to make your Footage look Awesome & Cinematic

  4. heo3480

    How to edit drone footage to a beat

    In this Final Cut Pro Tutorial, I will be showing how to edit drone footage to a beat, making videos a whole lot more interesting for the viewer. I will also show you where you can get access to free music ;-) /HeO
  5. Brian_MavicPro

    Final Cut Pro X & Mavic 2 Pro, Settings Help Please

    Greetings! Anyone having success using their M2P with Final Cut Pro X? I tried using H.265 with Dlog-M, then attempted to drop this into FCP. The files were grayed out and unselectable from the media folder. They "appear" to be just like my previous in properties...file extension is .MP4 and the...
  6. C

    DJI/Apple fan boy goes to the Cote d'Azur and learns a few things

    I'd like to share this video. I got to stay here as a guest of the owners and am delighted to say they wanted a video of the villa as they want to promote it more to extend the rental season. A lot of fun was had and lessons learned a few of which I share below. • All filmed in 4k 30fps...
  7. B

    Premiere Pro OR Final Cut

    Hey folks I've seen many different videos, about video editing on a mac, but what are your personal experiences and what do you use to edit? I will choose between Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. What are pros and cons between those two editors? (I've not been able to find that discussion in...
  8. mysticgnarwhal

    PolarPro Aurora Cinematic Presets - LUT Comparison

    I haven't seen many videos out there comparing the Aurora LUTs offered by PolarPro. I decided to purchase them and I did a comparison of all 12 presets. I used the same clips for all the different LUTs for comparison. I also used a PolarPro ND/8-PL filter for these samples. What does...
  9. G

    FCPX and MacBook Pro

    So I've my MP for only about a month and fly mostly around water as I live in Pensacola Beach. Doing lots of videoing and got a new MacBook Pro 2 weeks ago, primarily for working on movie clips. I got the 15 inch 500GB model and was quite unsettled when I got a message a few days ago that I only...
  10. G

    Mavic Pro Above the Fog (and then a lake) Graded (4K)

    Quick video after I pulled over on the way to work! It was worth being late just to see the view above the fog. Edited in Final Cut Pro, graded in Color Finale. Hope you enjoy, got a brand new channel so will be posting lots more and hopefully improving my flying and editing skills!
  11. G

    Sully Island in 4K - D-Cinelike Colour Graded footage

    Hi everyone, here is a a minute with the Mavic Pro in Wales. Shot in D-Cinelike Edited in FCPX and graded with Color Finale.
  12. Thestig

    Dji Mavic with FLIR thermal cam

    Hi. Thanks for membership. Here is a little video I made on my youtube channel. Testing out the Mavic with FLIR technology.
  13. M

    Final Cut Pro - Optimized media?

    Trying to learn how to use FCPX and have a few questions, -When importing media from Mavic should I create optimized media or stick with native media? -I have a Macbook Pro. Can I put media on external drive, create proxy media on Macbook and edit without the external drive? Just use external...
  14. UAV Man

    What editing software?

    To try and get an idea of the best editing suites out there I wanted to understand which is the most popular. So please answer the POLL and give feedback as to why you have chosen the specific software and any advice you wish to share.