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  1. M

    FAA Sheds Light on Local Drone Regulation with Updated Fact Sheet - local regulations?

    I just read an article, in Clearing the Skies: FAA Sheds Light on Local Drone Regulation with Updated Fact Sheet on the new FAA Fact Sheet, and was curious if the FAA has resolved any of...
  2. BetterBizWorks

    Air 2s Coral Springs Florida Video

    Some highlights of an Area in Coral Springs, FL.
  3. D

    3 2 Manatees Meet Up and Have a Conversation. One is Hit by a Boat Prop.

    These 2 manatees meet up 100ft off the coast of Marco Island florida and have a conversation about being hit by boats. One is actually cut by a prop blade over its back. The younger manatee seems actually concerned and worried about his bigger and older friend (the one hit by the prop blades).
  4. V

    Air 2 Bonita Springs | Florida

    Video was recorded in 4K, not sure why the playback is maxed out at 720?!
  5. V

    Air 2 Silver Shalis Yacht | Sanibel Island

    Video was recorded in 4K, not sure why the playback is maxed out at 720?!
  6. FoxFlight Drone Video

    2 Pro Las Olas Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (4k video)

    Shot on an early February afternoon in 2022, Las Olas Beach is a destination on the Atlantic coast of Florida in Ft. Lauderdale. There are also miles of neighborhoods with canals cut into them with the yachts and other boats stored like parallel parking on a street. (I had to cancel my day 2 of...
  7. RayKelly

    The 2nd Annual South Florida Drone Meetup in Jensen Beach, FL

    Make your plans now to join us at The 2nd South Florida Drone Meetup in Jensen Beach, FL on Saturday, April 2, 2022. It will be another awesome event and it's FREE. See our FB group and event page for more info.
  8. FoxFlight Drone Video

    2 Pro Clearwater Beach, FL -- Party time! (4K)

    Clearwater Beach is one of the top beaches in the U.S. And the quality of the hotels and restaurants along it certainly match the natural aspects! Filmed over two days in June of 2021, this gives you a small glance into how fun it can be. Note that the shots were toward evening on a Saturday...
  9. Scott590

    Air 2 Short fireworks video

    I was in Florida over NYE and sent the drone up to record the local fireworks. What I captures was crazy! I added the sounds for a bit more realism.
  10. M


    Anyone in St Augustine FL?
  11. M

    New MA2 owner from the sunshine state (Florida)

    Hello everyone just checking in from Florida! New MA2 here! Hope everyone’s holidays went well!
  12. RayKelly

    Air 2 Jensen Beach Sunset

    Sunset video in Jensen Beach, FL with herons, egrets and boats too!
  13. V

    DJI Mavic Mini | Sanibel Island Causeway | 08-12-2020

    I love this little drone! Comments welcome!
  14. 38E5AD7B-976B-4FF7-BCAD-35F00B95CBD6_1_201_a.jpeg


    Sunset over Fort Myers
  15. madrover

    Florida Sunset

    Practicing with M2P. Was able to grab this shot before it started raining... Typical Florida weather.
  16. V

    Mavic Mini | Fort Myers Beach, Florida

    Mavic Mini on Fort Myers Beach , Florida... testing out the TOZO Range Extender and the SunnyLife CPL Filter.
  17. desertvet38

    Had To Get My "Fix" With My M2P - Riverview, Florida

    I hadn't flown my M2P in a while, so I had to fire her up and get her up in the air where she belongs! This is my backyard, where I can literally sit in my comfy chair next to my pool, and fly to my hearts content! :cool:
  18. desertvet38

    Bulk Carrier "Patagonia" - Tampa Bay, Florida

    This is the 591' long "Patagonia", a bulk carrier ship from Singapore. She was moored in Gibsonton, right off Tampa Bay this morning, so I had to pay her a visit before she set sail. Shot in 4k, at 30fps on my M2P.
  19. V

    DJI Mavic Mini | Sanibel Lighthouse

  20. V

    DJI Mavic Mini | Chasing Kite Surfers | Sanibel Island