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  1. O

    Looking for drone friendly places around Lake Worth//Lantana for week of 7/7 to 7/12

    Hello everyone! My wife got me a Mavic Air for Christmas but living in Virginia kept me from flying it until the spring. Now I am here in Florida for vacation and want to go fly somewhere. I'm staying at my parent's house near the Lantana Airport and I know I can't fly it here. There are a...
  2. D

    Drone Tribute

    Recently I lost my Mavic pro in the ocean due to high wind speeds. We have captured many great moments together and I have made a video to remember some of the best. I hope you enjoy!
  3. Aerial Shot of American Flags

    Aerial Shot of American Flags

    God Bless America! Equip Used: Mavic Pro PolarPro CL Filter lens
  4. John Pass Marina

    John Pass Marina

    Madeira Beach, FL
  5. Tom Stuart Causeway

    Tom Stuart Causeway

    Madeira Beach, FL
  6. Mike Oz

    Mavic Pro Playing with Water (fountains that is...)

    Playing around in the lake behind the house, practicing orbits and different maneuvers at sunset.
  7. Phochief

    Hesitant to fly in Florida

    I live in Port St. Lucie Florida and am considering buying a Mavic 2 drone, but after days of reading about all of the FL restrictions and possibly opening myself up to privacy lawsuits, and lack of places to fly has prevented me from taking the plunge. I’m a Nature and Landscape photographer...
  8. K

    DJI Mavic Green Water

    Hello all! First post here and fairly new Mavic Owner! I've been taking some photos/videos in Clearwater FL, and I ended up buying PolarPro ND filters to try them out. In my photos/video I ended up with _really_ green water. I'm curious if it was due to a camera setting I may have changed or...
  9. Tree-tops-sundown


    Tree top at sunset, 200 yr old oak.
  10. dabrusci

    Golden Hour in Miami!

    Hi Guys, Here's my latest video: I hope you all enjoy it! I'm always open to keep learning and constructive critics :) Thanks guys!!
  11. Q

    Flying around Treasure Island, Florida

    I will be visiting in a few weeks and was just wondering if anyone in the community has flown there before or know of any restrictions in the area? Thanks in advance.
  12. G

    Townhouse Construction Mavic Air

    I have been documenting the construction of my mom's new townhouse in Summerlake, Florida with my Mavic Air. This is my YouTube playlist with the videos, spaced about a week's construction apart, weather permitting. What do you all think?
  13. G

    Mavic Air over Windermere High School Stadium - Florida

    Shot footage over the new WHS Stadium today. It was quite windy. Also did a Pano... The world's biggest drone photo and video sharing platform | SkyPixel.com Only my third video with the new Mavic Air. Flawless so far!
  14. RTKD

    Vermont and Florida (4 videos)

    Shooting slowly until I finish my race drone photo platform :) Until then I have some footage of Northern Vermont in the winter: And Jupiter Florida in the spring: My "Experimental" edit (lots of time remapping and a little jerk) And, if you care to see it, my very first flights and edit...
  15. D

    Where to fly around West Palm Beach (FL)?

    Good morning all, I will be travelling to Florida next August from Europe and obviously I would like to take my MP with me. Before doing that I would like your help to better understand (done some research on the net regarding the FAA registration as well as the rules to fly) where I could fly...
  16. F

    Picnic Island - Tampa, FL

    Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks
  17. B

    Flying in Key West and USA in general 2018

    Hi All, I am heading to Key West in a couple of weeks and planning to bring the drone. I know in the past, you had to register with the FAA prior to flying. However, someone mentioned to me that this is no longer necessary if you are just flying for fun. Do I still need FAA approval? Also...
  18. RebelPro

    Hobbyist vs Commercial Flying in South Florida

    Greetings to all the members of the forum. I’m in the process of deciding where to buy my Mavic Pro from and as I trying to find all the information about registration, licenses, regulations, etc (hence how I came across this forum). Professionally I am a video editor for a TV Network, and...