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  1. O

    Ipad mini freezes-what to do?

    Have an Ipad mini software up to date.Flying with M2P and screen freezes.Temp low 40's.I wait a bit and go to home screen+relaunch Go4 app.Still no feed for a bit and usually within a minute comes back.128 GB storage capacity with plenty storage left.Thanks for your help!
  2. B

    DJI GO 4 Freeze / Touchscreen not responding when connected to AC

    Hello everyone. To give you more information i'll start from what i did. I've been installing external antenna mode to rc. When i finished one of the wires just came off with antenna (deflect probably) and i decide to go back o stock while i'm waiting for a new wires (pics attached)...
  3. F

    DJI Go4 video edit freezes

    Attempting to create a short video on the DJI Go4 v4.1.18 running on a Samsung S7 Edge is reliably freezing at 33% after tapping "complete". Any ideas on what how to resolve? - Thanks
  4. D

    Frozen video feed

    I had 2 issues today 1. While recording the video at 4k it stopped every second. I had used the same card before and had no issues. I am using sandisk 64GB 95mb/sec 2. Mavic was about 30-40 meters away and the video started pausing. As I was turning the craft video feed was frozen. Anyone...