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  1. Zerogravity779

    Video Transmission Cuts Out.....

    Video Transmission glitches on Mavic Pro Platinum with updated firmware and running Android 4.3.24 (latest release) on Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Read through other older threads and have reset all settings to factory multiple times, formatted SD card with both PC and the Mavic, tried older versions...
  2. O

    Ipad mini freezes-what to do?

    Have an Ipad mini software up to date.Flying with M2P and screen freezes.Temp low 40's.I wait a bit and go to home screen+relaunch Go4 app.Still no feed for a bit and usually within a minute comes back.128 GB storage capacity with plenty storage left.Thanks for your help!
  3. B

    DJI GO 4 Freeze / Touchscreen not responding when connected to AC

    Hello everyone. To give you more information i'll start from what i did. I've been installing external antenna mode to rc. When i finished one of the wires just came off with antenna (deflect probably) and i decide to go back o stock while i'm waiting for a new wires (pics attached)...
  4. F

    DJI Go4 video edit freezes

    Attempting to create a short video on the DJI Go4 v4.1.18 running on a Samsung S7 Edge is reliably freezing at 33% after tapping "complete". Any ideas on what how to resolve? - Thanks
  5. D

    Frozen video feed

    I had 2 issues today 1. While recording the video at 4k it stopped every second. I had used the same card before and had no issues. I am using sandisk 64GB 95mb/sec 2. Mavic was about 30-40 meters away and the video started pausing. As I was turning the craft video feed was frozen. Anyone...