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gimbal overload

  1. N

    Gimbal Motor Overloaded

    Welcome to my story of Gimbal Motor Overload. Around 4 months ago I starting getting the dreaded GMO pop up while flying my Mavic 2 Zoom. The camera wouldn't stabilize and thought that's not ideal, packed it away and decided to sort it at a later date. Couple of weeks later I took it out for a...
  2. V

    Crashed, purchased new gimbal, gimbal has the shakes.

    Hello everybody! New drone operator here. Bought a refurbished unit from the DJI website. I got a little arrogant and crashed my drone. Pretty big impact. Destroyed the gimbal. I ordered a replacement gimbal off of ebay and installed it myself. When I start up the drone, I am able to connect...
  3. monchan

    Mavic Air gimbal overload, what are your thoughts about this method? It worked for me..

    So I went to fly my new MA, I think it would have been the fourth time to take her out. So far all of my flights have been uneventful, no crashes, no hard landings nothing that would cause problems. I got to my practice spot eager to try out some settings. I slowed down the stick response speed...
  4. M

    Rookie Mistake causes Gimbal Overload Error

    Today I turned on my MA, put it on a hard floor (a concrete path), but forgot to turn out the landing legs. So unbeknown to me the camera was facing down, touching the path, and the gimbal was being restricted from moving. I had a RED Gimbal Overload Message appear on the screen. I looked...
  5. S

    Mavi pro spins then crash!

    Hi, yesterday my mavic killed itself. It was doing its return to home when it had a gimbal overload then lost connection with the controller. The data from the flight shows it performing normally then it seems to plummet to the ground while spinning uncontrolably. To clarify- it did not hit...
  6. FL1H1

    Gimbal warning, filters?

    OK. 3rd proper flight, first in ideal flying conditions - negligible wind, not a cloud in the sky but at first I thought I'd forgotten to take the gimbal lock off as I get a warning gimbal overheating yet I hadn't. Only other thing I could think of was the filter so checked that was properly and...
  7. I

    Disconnect, crash, and customer service

    Sorry in advance for this lengthy post. I was hoping that my first forum post would be words of excitement about my new Mavic (bought in December), however, I've had nothing by disconnects, random hoovers, and finally a full crash into a gazebo as a result of constant disconnects! I've read so...
  8. M

    Gimbal Overload and Completely Stop Working in High Wind?

    Was flying around the Amalfi Coast while on Vacation in Italy last week. I got the "high wind" warning and then the gimbal just started going crazy and would not stop moving. Few minutes later got a warning that the gimbal was overloaded. Usually this only happens for a second or two and then...
  9. scottmphoto

    Mavic gets buggier with each new flight

    Hello! First time posting. So bought my Mavic about 3 weeks ago and out of the box it was perfect. Flew awesome. Never crashed, not even a hard landing. I am a pretty experienced pilot. Recently, the following issues started to appear: 1. RTH/Battery: I would be literally 10 feet from...