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Mavic Air gimbal overload, what are your thoughts about this method? It worked for me..


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Jan 13, 2019
Tottori, Japan
So I went to fly my new MA, I think it would have been the fourth time to take her out. So far all of my flights have been
uneventful, no crashes, no hard landings nothing that would cause problems. I got to my practice spot eager to try out some settings.
I slowed down the stick response speed and slowed down the gimbal. I dont know if changing the gimbal settings affected it (shouldn`t).

Powered up, no warnings all good, Take off and then I moved the gimbal dial. Then I get the gimbal overload warning. Power off re-calibrate, didnt work.
Tried again powered off, re-calibrate, success. Take off, gimbal overload. From there nothing worked. Tried to re-calibrate again. The screen goes back and fourth
between 80%- 90% complete, but stuck here. (this seems common on the net)
So on the net tried a few things I found. Computer air-cleaner, per Thunderdrone`s instructions in a different post. Didn`t help.
So I found this method on youtube, very simple and it worked for me. I have been out twice since and the gimbal worked flawlessly.

I realize it might not be the best thing for the gimble motors, but thought one try probably wont hurt. (many people have started up without removing the gimbal cover)
It worked for me, but not everyone in the comments, guess it depends on the problem / gremlins??

So my question. Do you think this has fixed my problem or do you think the problem will come back? Any experience with making this problem go away and it
coming back? I have just got some Wrapgrade skins to apply, but am holding off in case the MA has to go back.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

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