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gps error

  1. G

    My Mavic Pro Platinum is disconnecting from GPS satelites when engines are running

    Hello I have bought Mavic Pro Platinum a while ago, then I crashed it and I had to replace few body parts and cables, I got it back from repair for 3 days and I was flying it everything was ok, but yesterday I was flying in a nice weather no wind and after about 15mins of flight my drone went...
  2. M

    GPS Data Error. DJI support weren’t very supportive.

    Hey legends, I’ve had a doosy of a fortnight trying to get my Mavic Pro back up in the air. I’m on the road now for a while and can’t take to a dji center. I had a crash, repaired the front arm, fixed the gimbal cable and all went well... then I got GPS disconnect, I bought a new GPS module...
  3. D

    DJI Mavic Pro No GPS

    Hey everybody I've been having an issue of no GPS on my Mavic Pro after a crash that I had. I looked for a flight log, but I think it was overwritten since I have been turning the AC on to calibrate and test after repairs. I didn't realize it would overwrite since I haven't actually flown the...
  4. J

    Compass error, Yaw error, IMU error and so on.

    Hi When i fly my Mavic Pro last night i got a lot of compass error, GPS error, Yaw error, IMU error and even "Weak GPS Signal", but it was connected to 23 satellites, so it should not be weak/bad GPS-signal. What could the reason be for all this errors? I landed the Mavic and restarted it and...
  5. Mad Mavic

    Read before replacing Gimbal

    Replacing a damaged Gimbal is fairly straight forward. I picked one up on Amazon for $220 U.S. One main thing to watch out for is when separating the upper cover of the drone in order to gain access to the Gimbal mounting screws, be mindful of the GPS wiring harness located in the rear section...
  6. D

    Mavic Pro Compass1 Compass2 Disconnected Repair

    THESE ARE HARDWARE FAULTS AND YOU HAVE TO REPLACE THE FAILED COMPASS PCB compass2 replacement... YOU NEED GOOD TOOLS AND A GOOD FINE TIPPED SOLDERING IRON TO DO THIS. After a year with my Mavic Pro, I began to get compass errors and looking through (DJI Go 4 App) Main Controller Settings ->...
  7. S


    Hello, Have had the drone 2 weeks and no problems..suddenly i get fault messages every time i fly. (same area as before) It varies from strong interference, to compass error and goes over to ATTI mode when GPS signal is lost.. Now i dont thrust the drone anymore...flying home in ATTI mode is now...
  8. ScubaBob

    GPS Signal Error Message--Home Point Me.

    I live in Cancun which in itself contributes to issues. I have an Iphone 6 and all my MP software / firmware is up to date. I can sit on my balcony and Waze, Google Maps, GPSTracks, etc. all exactly pinpoint where I am. When I hook my phone to my RC, when on the balcony, I will get a 5 GPS...
  9. G

    What are "polar areas"?

    According to the Mavic Manual, flights in P-mode in "polar areas" are not possible (page 50). I was flying in northern Finland and experienced quite frequent drops from GPS to Atti mode in mid flight, and GPS was not recovered for 1-2 minutes - quite scary. Analysing the log files, I noticed GPS...
  10. N

    Please help me figure out what happened

    Hi, I'm new to drone flying and had a very strange experience with my Mavic the second day I took it out. I'm hoping someone can help me figure out what happened. I'm ok if the answer is pilot error, but if so, I'd like to know what I did to prevent it happening again. Here's what happened...