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  1. Freddygang

    The last flight

    Very short video of my M3P's last flight on Friday. Unprocessed footage shot with a K&F ND/PL filter - nice rainbow over the Ionian sea off the coast of a Greek island. After a brief period of ownership, my M3P's is packed to go back to Amazon to be swapped for a M4P . I really enjoyed the...
  2. theoaristi53

    Air 1 Velika beach, Greece

    This beautiful beach is located in east Thessaly.
  3. a1r_m0ses_b

    Air 2 Athens Tower

    The Tower of Athens is the tallest building in Greece. It has a height of 103 meters and 28 floors. It was founded on 13/06/1969 and ended in September 1972 under a dictatorship, while it was inaugurated on October 16 of the same year. It is one of the two towers of Athens, with the smaller...
  4. Jatekman

    2 Pro Rhodes - Following Helios

    Dear all, we spent the last week in October on the beautiful island Rhodes in Greece. Wonderful beaches and rocky cliffs, awesome vegetation and the great city of Rhodes gives you a superb holiday. Lean back and enjoy - questions, critics and feedback welcome. Ciao Rob
  5. I

    Lost Mini 2 in Fira, Santorini (Greece)

    Hi guys, I just joined the MavicPilots community today. I came to know about this while I was searching for ways to recover my brand new Mini 2 that got lost. Yes guys I lost it within 10 days of its purchase, and sadly this was my first very own drone. I was flying it on 28th April 2022...
  6. theoaristi53

    Air 1 Kala Nera, Pelion, Greece

  7. a1r_m0ses_b

    Air 2 Preveza city from above

    Hello everybody. A video from the city of Preveza in Epirus-Greece. Hope you enjoy it. Preveza is a city and port of Epirus. It is located at the southernmost tip of Epirus, despite the entrance to the Amvrakikos gulf. Opposite it and at a distance of only 600 meters is the flat and sandy...
  8. M

    Air 2s Greek islands with Air 2s

    Corfu Old Town Porto Timoni, Corfu Cape Drastis, Corfu Church of Ypapantis, Corfu Angelokastro, Corfu Mount Pantokrator, Corfu Oia, Santorini Skaros Rock, Santorini Heart of Santorini Rethymno, Crete Sfakia, Crete Elafonisi Beach, Crete Frangokastello, Crete Chania, Crete Rhodes...
  9. theoaristi53

    Air 1 The Agiokampos beach, Thessaly, Greece

  10. a1r_m0ses_b

    Air 2 Prokopos Lagoon and Strofilia Forest

    Hello everybody, another video from Prokopos lagoon and Strofilia forest,in Achaia,Peloponesse. Hope you enjoy it. Lagoon Prokopos is between Marsh Lamia and Black Mountains. It occupies an area of 375 acres and its depth varies from 0.50 cm to 1.5m. It has a notable fauna such as ducks...
  11. theoaristi53

    Air 1 The Agiokampos beach, Thessaly, Greece

  12. K

    Air 2 First 4K video with mavic air 2 , Lixouri , Kefalonia , greece.

    Hello to the forum . This is the first 4K video , i made using only my new drone Mavic Air 2 , It's shows the hightlights of my small city , Lixouri , Kefalonia , Greece 2 days before the second lockdown of my area. below i attach the youtube links of the latest video and my channel with my...
  13. theoaristi53

    Air 1 A small Greek town
  14. jeryslo

    Balos Lagoon, Crete, Greece

    Hello! Just wanted to share a video from the most beautiful lagoon on the island Crete, Greece. It was taken this summer with Mavic 2 Zoom, enjoy! And a quick picture:
  15. theoaristi53

    Summer is awesome

  16. theoaristi53

    Lake Plastiras, Greece

  17. theoaristi53

    Some photovoltaic power stations

    I made this for a client. What do you think?
  18. theoaristi53

    New photovoltaic power stations

  19. theoaristi53

    My new video showing one my city's park

  20. theoaristi53

    Vikos Canyon, Greece