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  1. theoaristi53

    Air 1 The Agiokampos beach, Thessaly, Greece

  2. a1r_m0ses_b

    Air 2 Prokopos Lagoon and Strofilia Forest

    Hello everybody, another video from Prokopos lagoon and Strofilia forest,in Achaia,Peloponesse. Hope you enjoy it. Lagoon Prokopos is between Marsh Lamia and Black Mountains. It occupies an area of 375 acres and its depth varies from 0.50 cm to 1.5m. It has a notable fauna such as ducks...
  3. theoaristi53

    Air 1 The Agiokampos beach, Thessaly, Greece

  4. K

    Air 2 First 4K video with mavic air 2 , Lixouri , Kefalonia , greece.

    Hello to the forum . This is the first 4K video , i made using only my new drone Mavic Air 2 , It's shows the hightlights of my small city , Lixouri , Kefalonia , Greece 2 days before the second lockdown of my area. below i attach the youtube links of the latest video and my channel with my...
  5. theoaristi53

    Air 1 A small Greek town
  6. jeryslo

    Balos Lagoon, Crete, Greece

    Hello! Just wanted to share a video from the most beautiful lagoon on the island Crete, Greece. It was taken this summer with Mavic 2 Zoom, enjoy! And a quick picture:
  7. theoaristi53

    Summer is awesome

  8. theoaristi53

    Lake Plastiras, Greece

  9. theoaristi53

    Some photovoltaic power stations

    I made this for a client. What do you think?
  10. theoaristi53

    New photovoltaic power stations

  11. theoaristi53

    My new video showing one my city's park

  12. theoaristi53

    Vikos Canyon, Greece

  13. theoaristi53

    A new church being built in Larisa, Greece

  14. theoaristi53

    Flying over the city of Larisa, Greece

    Hello everyone, This is the first time, I made a video using the Tap Fly mode. I have also learned that this mode doesn't work close to NFZs. Interesting. The thing is there is a big military airport in my city which is going to be expanded so as to host American Drones(MQ-9 Reaper). I wish I...
  15. theoaristi53

    Weekend pics of my city Larisa, Greece.

  16. P

    Flying over the Acropolis of Athens at night

    I made this video this summer. The plan was to fly just after the sunset but as i was preparing the flight, noticed other drones around the Acropolis so had to wait. When thay all cleared the area, it was too dark anyway, but i thought of giving it a try. The end result i think is quite nice...
  17. theoaristi53

    Zagori - Greece 4K with Mavic Air

  18. theoaristi53

    Zagori - North West Greece

    This is my village called Aristi located in a mountainous area called Zagori or Zagorochoria.
  19. theoaristi53

    Vikos Canyon - Greece

  20. theoaristi53

    Sea of Thessaly - Greece

    Hello everyone, I made a video with my Mavic Air, showing a 14 km coastline(the second longest in Greece) located close to the city of Larisa.