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  1. GoGracefully

    New Pilot Check In with Video

    Aloha from the Big Island! This forum has been such a HUGE educational blessing for me and my gratitude goes out to all of you who are committed to educating others with your expertise. Since joining I have enrolled in a Udemy.com Remote pilot test prep course and spent hours practicing much...
  2. Lanai 3

    Lanai 3

    Photos take off the north shore of the island of Lanai, Hawaii
  3. Lanai 2

    Lanai 2

    Photos take off the north shore of the island of Lanai, Hawaii
  4. Lanai 1

    Lanai 1

    Photos take off the north shore of the island of Lanai, Hawaii
  5. G

    Waimea Canyon 4K | Kauai, Hawaii

  6. G

    Wailua Falls, Kauai Hawaii

    Family vacation in Kauai, Hawaii. 4K video is recorded with Samsung Galaxy S8+ and Mavic Pro.
  7. G

    Family Vacation in Kauai, Hawaii

  8. polles

    Hawaii trip in iMovie

    I try the trailer on imovie and it came pretty awesome I think, what do you think of iMovie? I've use premier and finalCut and they are awesome but I am amazed of how simple, intuitive and fast that iMovie is right now. Also free I sound like I been paid by apple now. P.S Apple please pay me
  9. P

    Man Cited for Using Drone Above Lava Flow in Hawaii

  10. P

    An interesting story of lava flow mapping with DJI drones

    Team uses drones to map lava in Hawaii - CNN Video
  11. A


  12. A

    Mavic over Maui Video

    Hello everyone, I have beenviewing the forums for a bit but finally registered today. I recently visited Maui, specifically Hana and the southern portion of the island and was able to capture some beautiful footage that lead me to create my first movie, hope you all enjoy it.
  13. L


    Shot exactly one year ago
  14. rossmoney


    Hey all, Just went to Lanikai in Oahu. SUPER windy most the week, so all this footage is from the last day we were there. SO much fun. Enjoy!
  15. A

    Hawaiian Honeymoon

    This video isn't completely drone footage, but some is so I thought I'd share it as I'm very proud of the way it turned out. Not sure if this post will last, but I hope it does as I did use my drone multiple times during the trip and during the edit. Hope y'all enjoy and would love feedback!
  16. M

    Sailboat Race, Surf, and Maui shots / BEAUTIFUL 4K

    Hey guys, just finished up with my trip to Lahaina and thought I'd share some of the better drone shots I got :) Hope you all enjoy, any constructive criticism is much appreciated!
  17. brettseattle

    Kauai: Hanalei Bay & Bali Hai (South End of NaPali Coastline, Kauai, Hawaii)

    Hi all, had a great vacation to Northshore Kauai (Princeville, Hanalei). The Mavic Pro performed flawlessly. Only surprise was when cell signal was not available - was limited to the "tether range (90 feet?)" so shooting waterfalls became less dramatic. But for the most part - shots like this...
  18. @idofuel

    Mavic Pro Video Clips Mashup

    just a few clips of some recent videos in my travels...enjoy
  19. mikey201

    The Big Island of Hawaii

    my Mini Movie of when i went to The Big Island of Hawaii enjoy :)
  20. J

    Recreational Drone Restrictions on O'ahu

    Here is a Google Earth .kmz file (.zip file at bottom of post) that I created for my own use to display the drone restrictions on O'ahu. (Yes, I'm retired and have way too much free time.) It was created and is best viewed on a Windows desktop computer. Google Earth for mobile devices has much...