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  1. H

    3 Random Scenes from May in Hawaii - A Music Video Project

    Hi again, Its been a while since I have posted on here. There have been some swells, alot of rain, and wind and some nice days in between. Here a small compilations of some beautiful scenes from this past month. Summer is rolling in and it looks like there will be lots of opportunities to film...
  2. H

    3 Collection of Beautiful Hawaiian Sunsets w/ Lofi Music

    Hi Here is another video focusing on various stages of sunset amongst beautiful ocean backdrops. Some surfers make an appearance across this slightly longer video. Hope it relieves some stress and helps you zone out for a bit
  3. H

    3 Hawaii - Compilation of Stunning Shades of Blue

    Hi, Really loving the Mavic 3 and taking opportunities to keep shooting. While being amazed at some of the clarity we are seeing, my wife felt it would be fun to go through our videos and highlight really impressive shades of blue so here we are. Thank you again for watching.
  4. H

    3 More Ocean, Surfing, Waves and a Sandbar on Oahu's North Shore with a Soundtrack

    HI Everyone, Thanks for checking out the last videos we posted up. We are greatly encouraged that people like the footage and music. This video is from footage of the other weekend. I didn't know this at the time but a great big sandbar opens up when the conditions (waves, direction, wind...
  5. H

    3 [Hawaii] North Shore of Oahu - Pumping Big Surf

    Hi, Thanks for all the views and comments on the last video. Seems like quite a number of members have fond memories of Oahu and Hawaii. Here's a new video of the past weekend up North Shore by Ke Ikis and Pipeline. This might actually be a blend of footage of the 3 and air 2. Hope you enjoy!
  6. H

    Air 2 [Hawaii] Dear Surfers ~ a surf video of my home break

    Hi all, been lurking for sometime but thought it might be good to showcase some of the things we have shot. This has become my break for the past few years - I love all the people out there and its fun to catch them surfing and having fun out there, so we made this compilation at the end of...
  7. Rrrick

    Air 2s Sunset in Hilo Hawaii Air 2s Mastershot

    Test post to see if my video can be seen . Air 2s Master shot of sunset in Hilo Hawaii last night. Used my newly firmware updated RC Pro controller too! Yay
  8. B

    Onboard and in the Ready Room

    Just joined the Mavic Pilot Squadron…New to Drone Piloting with DJI Mini 2!
  9. AtortPhotography

    2 Pro Hawai'i 4K Beauty

    Just sharing some of my Hawai'i footage in an edit I have been working on the past couple of weeks organizing and make work. Enjoy and aloha and if on YouTube please subscribe it really helps and is appreciated.
  10. mysticgnarwhal

    Some Beautiful shots of Oahu, Hawaii with the Mavic 2 Pro (PRE-CORONA)

    Hey all! I always appreciate the positivity of this community on here and always feel welcome to share my videos. This is a short travel film I created of my wife and I's first trip to Hawaii. All of the drone shots were from the Mavic 2 Pro. Please let me know what you think -- I appreciate...
  11. ID8 Pete


    A quick edit off the shore of the west side of Maui.
  12. Wolfie52

    Stunning blue waters off Waikiki, Honolulu and Diamond Head.

  13. mysticgnarwhal

    One of our most epic years! 2019 Rewind Video. Flew my Mavic 2 Pro in many amazing locations!

    Hey all! I put together a 2019 recap video [like a lot of other people :)] -- but I think it's my best edit yet! While these aren't all drone clips, I got some amazing shots on my Mavic 2 Pro from Hawaii, Utah, LA, and Nashville...unfortunately, I didn't even take my drone to New York City...
  14. jboyd23

    Surfing at Oahu's North Shore (Pipeline & Laniakea)

    I've been collecting some footage for a while now and was finally able to put it together. Shots of surfers at different beaches along the north shore of Oahu. Let me know what you guys think. thanks
  15. R

    Advice Needed, Flying Offshore of the Big Island

    Hi all, I'm planning to do some offshore flying from the Big Island in 2020 and I'm looking for some local knowledge so I can better plan my trip. 1. Are there times of the year that I should avoid flying because of weather/wind? 2. I've read some threads about taking off/landing from boats...
  16. jboyd23

    Luxury Airbnb house in Oahu

    Worked with a friend to create a video for his Airbnb property. What do you think?
  17. Hummingbird.UAV

    Keauhou Bay Hawaii

    Shot with a Mavic Air.
  18. TheWolfen

    Papakolea Green Sand Beach

    Welcome to the magical Papakolea Green Sand Beach. One of only 4 green sand beaches in the world, this beautiful spot can be found near South Point on the Big Island of Hawaii. Its unique color comes from the high concentrations of the mineral Olivine in the surrounding eroded cinder cone. This...
  19. GoGracefully

    New Pilot Check In with Video

    Aloha from the Big Island! This forum has been such a HUGE educational blessing for me and my gratitude goes out to all of you who are committed to educating others with your expertise. Since joining I have enrolled in a Remote pilot test prep course and spent hours practicing much...
  20. Lanai 3

    Lanai 3

    Photos take off the north shore of the island of Lanai, Hawaii