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home point

  1. D

    Home Point Update in Wrong Place, Solved (at least for my Mavic 3). It had to do with the FLY SAFE DATABASE.

    My Home Point Update, suddenly started putting my Mavic 3 drone's take off location several blocks away from my actual launch location. I recalibrated the compass and IMU but this didn't work. But then I realised I hadn't updated the FLY SAFE DATA BASE that the program was requesting be done on...
  2. B

    Do you just wait for Home Point to register?

    Hi all. I took off and flew today and after about 15-20 seconds, it told me that the home point had been updated and when I tested this with RTH, it flew back to where the drone was at that point I mentioned (above a lake!!). Does the home point just register at a certain point, ie - should I...
  3. T

    Drone home point not setting properly. Mavic 2

    Hi, I'm struggling to set my drones home point in the settings menu. I keep selecting it but only after about a minute, it sets the home point. Please help, Thanks.
  4. R

    Flyaway and argument over setting home point at "launch"

    I recently wanted to take some footage of my team doing a charity event by swimming the english channel. On a very slow moving, stable boat. I got my DJI Air out and it said the compass needed calibration and it was not allowed to fly. It told me to re calibrate the compass which I followed the...
  5. Let Us Drone

    How many satellites for your home point to be updated? (Poll)

    Hello! I apologize if this topic seems redundant, but I would like to gather research on what the minimum amount of satellites you personally need for your Mavic's home point to be updated? I realize that there are a lot of threads that discuss this, but from what I've seen, there really...
  6. Brian_MavicPro

    The home point has been updated...

    Is everyone getting an audible "The home point has been updated" prior to going airborne with the Mavic Air? I notice that I do not hear it most times. Everything looks clean and green on the iPhone display "ready to fly" but the voice prompt appears to be inconsistent. Perhaps its default is a...
  7. ScubaBob

    GPS Signal Error Message--Home Point Me.

    I live in Cancun which in itself contributes to issues. I have an Iphone 6 and all my MP software / firmware is up to date. I can sit on my balcony and Waze, Google Maps, GPSTracks, etc. all exactly pinpoint where I am. When I hook my phone to my RC, when on the balcony, I will get a 5 GPS...
  8. S

    Home Point to RC not registered

    I am hoping someone could help me with the issue I am facing. I have contacted DJI support but their answers did not resolve the issue. I can't seem to register home point to the controller after take off. I was flying in the park last week and filming my nephew while riding his scooter, we...
  9. A

    Home point reset after app crash on Android?

    I usually fly with my iPad mini but yesterday I forgot my cable and borrowed a friend's micro USB cable to fly with my Android phone, LG V10. The Go 4 app crashed a few times but can resume flight once the app is restarted. However after uploading the logs to Airdata and reviewing the flights...
  10. Qoncussion

    Litchi Home Point Set... How do you know?

    I've flown with the Litchi app a few times, and one thing I'm not finding is - is there any indication of when/if the home point has been set? DJI GO 4 verbally announces that the home point has been set, but I don't see any clear verification of this in Litchi. Any help would be greatly...