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log files

  1. S

    Convert TXT file to KML

    Hi Would like to know if there's a free / paid API to convert TXT file to KML from DJI smart controller. I'm writing a program to view TXT files on google earth, using C# and Javascript. Please suggest me a solution as I'm new to DJI Regards Shivanka
  2. M

    One can help me with my DAT.file analysis?

    Hi, Just curious if I found the right log file. I want to know the last moments of my drone from where it lost connection and started to log into the on board logs of my drone. Can somebody check this? This is the file:
  3. Z

    DJI Fly 1.4.0 creating enormous log files

    I have noticed that the DJI Fly got more sluggish and lagging after the last upgrade. (I'm flying the Mini 2, BTW.) When checking the SD card after a maybe 15-minute flight I found 2 large log files in the /Misc subdir: fc_log.log 512 MB camera_log.log 100 MB The card was freshly formatted just...
  4. L

    ERROR_POP_LOG folder

    On March 28, 2020 my M2P was flying and the cell phone screen turned black and I lost the signal. I decided to look for the LOG file but it is not there, there is only one folder called ERROR_POP_LOG and there is a file with the date and time of the flight called 03-28-2020-1633G4G00SK025 but...
  5. willswing77

    Scary Waterfall Movie in Brazil - MA almost crashed

    Hi everybody I am a new MA pilot since May this year and made my experiences in the last couple of months with my Mavic Air. I live in Switzerland and brought my MA to Brazil last summer, where I flew it in many locations. Brought back some nice footage. But my fingers are still trembling when I...
  6. baddog

    Video Meta data in Log Files

    So I was curious if DJI Go or Mavic logs have video information like color settings or any other camera settings stored in them. I have several video from when I first started flying and I am trying to determine weather I used d-cinelike or d-log
  7. baddog

    Can Color Profiles Be Found in Log Files?

    I am trying to determine which color profile I used in some raw video clips from about 7 months ago. Does anyone know if any of the video settings information is stored in the logs files? I usually use D-cinelike now but for a while I was using D-log. I want to make sure I am using the most...
  8. G

    Need Log Files - I'm writing a Maintenance and Flight tracker

    Hi all I hope it's ok to post here. I've just bought a Mavic Pro Platinum myself and I waiting for it to arrive. I hope it is ok for me to post the following, I don't want to break any rules, I just need some help. So, the reason for this post is that I'm building a web based system, which...
  9. pcalvin

    iOS Log Book

    I am studying for my Part 107 license and I would like to keep a log book on my iPad, that I can also access from other devices (iPhone, MacBook Pro, etc.) This would be for flight time, location, etc as well as maintenance records, firmware updates, and do on. The documentation required by...
  10. nangali

    Last known location does not correspond to video

    Hello all. A nice Friday evening flight ended in a bit of a disaster. My Mavic lost connection and briefly reconnected before going down. Here are the log files - DJI Flight Log Viewer - However, the last video I saw when drone attempted to land was this -
  11. J

    Any value in Black Box log files?

    Is there any information of value in the log files created by the Black Box option in DJI Assistant 2? I understand they are encrypted (and appear to be in Chinese). I tried converting one using the dji_ftpd_descrambler program (Releases · MAVProxyUser/DJI_ftpd_aes_unscramble · GitHub) but it...
  12. R

    Flight log not logging??

    Hey everyone, I'm on my third day of Mavic ownership and I've noticed in my flight logs that my longer flights are not logged?! I have a ton of 1-4 min flights. I flew through two batteries today and only logged 4 mins total. I'm i missing something here?
  13. Y

    Help with Mavic after crash

    Hi, Today my Mavic crashed from 30-40 m on the concrete steps. It happened after 1 min after took off. I tried to get some height, near the building. When it reached ~30 meters, it said that "maximum altitude reached", but I set it to 100 meters then Mavic drifted backwards and crashed into the...
  14. G

    First Impressions

    After receiving my Mavic on Friday and charging and updating yesterday while it rained, I was able to get in my first flights today. In a word - phenomenal - although also a bit overwhelming. As expected the Mavic is rock solid in the air. Return to home put it back on the landing pad in...