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  1. WanderLost

    Location not showing in Android Flight Log

    When checking my flight logs on the DJI app in my Iphone and my Tripltek 8 Pro tablet, I notice a difference. The Iphone shows the location next to the date and time while the Tripltek 8 does not. Location based services are on in both devices and DJI Go Fly and Navdrone have access. I've synced...
  2. Yaros

    Crashed my Mavic Air 2, hardware failure?

    Hello, yesterday I crashed my Mavic Air 2 into a light pole, and at first glance, it seems like it was 100% user error, but not quite so after I watched the video and the logs. The drone fell to the ground from 1 meter height (crashed into the light pole sideways, when orbiting) and I was sure...
  3. Yaros

    Minor cell voltage derivations on a relatively new battery. Normal or not?

    Hello, I have been flying my mavic air 2 for 4 months now, and just started using Airdata, when I looked at the battery cells tab I found this: No major derivations have been found, but anyway, is this normal for a 4 month old battery?
  4. pommy

    Air 2S Video Loss - Can someone look at my flight logs please?

    Hi all, I had a really scary situation where the drone lost it’s video transmission completely. It was out to sea, no obstacles at only 250-300m away from me (but high 120m so couldn’t see it for the sun). Just before it lost signal, it said return to home, but it never did, it just...
  5. blackomega

    Mini Longshoreman loading logs

    I produced this video as a tribute to the hard working men and women of our local longshoreman union. Today they are wrestling with the lines to load bundles of logs from log booms onto a bulk freighter for export. You got to respect their skills, walking around on the logs like that.
  6. Qoncussion

    Battery Cell Deviation: How much is too much?

    I was out flying my MP a few weeks back, using Litchi, when the controller showed a BATT ERROR (I don't remember the exact text). A little red balloon popped up in Litchi at the same time, but wasn't on the screen long enough to read it. I just figured I would check the logs to see what...
  7. T

    Read Logs from RC

    I downloaded 26 log files from the RC of my mavic (no logs available from the app). The drone is lost, I'm trying to decrypt the last position from these files but I don't know how. Someone can help me?
  8. Pol

    Log analyzing

    I want to analyze logs like i was used to on Arducopter. I've been searching for some time now but I still have not found an answer. When I look at Youtube footage, people are talking that there should be a link to log analyzing in the DJI go4 app. They're saying and showing that you can find it...
  9. C

    Mavic Destroyed - How can I get my log analyzed?

    Hello, I just took my Mavic on a dream trip, during which it was destroyed on day 2. Basically, I wanted to use Course Lock mode for a fairly simple shot along an ocean shoreline. The flight path was to go between a sea cliff and a rock outcropping in the sea, and to yaw the craft as it panned...
  10. D

    Mavic Disappeared. Fly Away Unit!!! Input needed

    Unfortunately I lost my Mavic within less than 5 hours of owning it. Im currently still under going discussion with DJI in regards of replacing the drone. The incident happened during a live FB stream and luckily I have video proof and all flight data which I will provide as well. Any insight...
  11. Skydog

    Mavic Files - Location and Types

    Does anybody know of a resource that details all of the types of files and their location and purpose? I'm particularly interested in which files would be useful to the common flier vs the unix/linux type person. For Example 1. SD Card on Mavic - DNG, JPG image files, and MOV/MP4 video files...
  12. D

    Any way of checking how much a Mavic has been flown?

    In desperation I've bought a Mavic Pro off eBay - supposed to be new and only used briefly to test it. The seller has gone rather quiet since I bought it and paid - they were supposed to have posted it Friday or Saturday. Part of me wonders if they are keeping it a bit longer to go flying...