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  1. B

    M2P & Assistant Simulator on Mac: can't take off with USB connected

    Mavic 2 Pro and DJI Assistant 2 on a Macbook Pro. Has anyone gotten the Assistant Simulator to work (not the standalone sim app)? I updated my firmware with the Assistant app, so that's working. And when I click on the simulator, I can get as far as the Simulator UI screen. I removed the props...
  2. J

    Using Micro USB with Apple Mac computers (compatibility issues)...

    My Mac computers (both an iMac and a Mac Pro) are unable to read the 128GB microSD card from my Mavic 2 Zoom. I was trying to offload the video I shot with my Zoom, and my Macs would not even recognize/mount the microSD card. When I inserted the card, I a window popped up that said the device...
  3. O

    Transfering files from Mavic 2 Pro to Mac(wicked newbie)

    Hi All-Though I did it yesterday,I am trying to transfer photos(raw+jpg)from Mavic @ pro to a macbook.Can't for the life of me remember how I did it.Macbook has USB 2 potrts.Thanks for the help.
  4. T

    Connecting Mavic Controller to Mac for Simulator ?

    Any idea how to do it? I checked in the forum and over internet, but i did not find any succesful case. An other option is the impressive "DJI flifgt simulator". It seems that this simulator works with our controller. But also impossible to get it for now.
  5. T

    PC vs. Mac- Video Editing

    Hi everybody, New drone pilot here and very new video editor, but I am decent with a Windows PC. I’m trying to find out if it’s a night & day the difference in regards to the “User Friendliness” of a MAC when editing video versus a PC? I have read all the posts on the numerous different...
  6. D

    Difference between Mavic video and Phone video

    Hi guys, Just got my Mavic Pro today.. loving it so far! Just a question though, when I take video, it seems to save a copy on my phone. I believe that is a cached copy, but it is the same quality as the video saved on the Mavic SD card? I have tried connecting my Mavic to my iMac and no luck...
  7. Joymaker

    Streaming live video drone -> phone -> laptop

    I want to take the video feed that is coming from my drone to my phone and stream it to my Mac laptop, so that several friends can be watching while I'm flying. If I could stream it to a big television, that would be even better! (Or to the Web, in reduced resolution.) I can find several apps...
  8. P

    Mac cannot read Mavic formatted SD card

    I have a SanDisk Extreme Plus 32gb which I formatted on the Mavic Air. Recorded video fine with no problems. I took the card out and tried to read it directly on my MacBook Pro and an error message came up saying "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer." I was able to plug the...
  9. T

    HELP! Computer can't read SD files

    Hi everyone I never had a problem with my Mavic before but now my Macbook can't read the latest .dng files and .mov files anymore. I can see the files and the size of the file on my computer but I can't open it, even Photoshop doesn't work. It is a new 64GB SD card and it worked without any...
  10. A


  11. A


  12. D

    Luminar "Aerial Workspace"

    Anyone try this? New Luminar. Inspired by DJI. via @wearemacphun | Macphun Blog "Today we’re announcing a free update for our flagship editing software, Luminar, complete with new features inspired by DJI drone photographers. Over the last few weeks we worked hard with some of the best aerial...
  13. A


  14. A

    College football stadium with GRAY turf!

  15. P

    100% of RAW photos and around 40% of videos also don't get saved on SD, only low-res on phone.

    Every time i get back home it's a lottery to see which videos were saved and which weren't. RAW photos can be seen through the app (info- shows that they're 20-30mb which makes sense) but no options to save onto SD or phone. I've tried the Assistant 2 software but can't access any media...
  16. Michel DELFELD

    DJI Assistant 2 installation on Sierra (Apple)

    After having search on the forum, I dont find an answer to this specific question: I can't install DJI Assistant on Sierra (v.10.12.2) Install went correctly without any message error. During install it wast asked to install HorNDIS Then I re-started the computer as asked by a message from the...