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  1. A

    Lens cleaning / Mavic Air

    Would appreciate any tips on cleaning the tiny lens ... I got a few water spots on the lens and am concerned about the best way to secure the sensitive gimbal and best cloth / cleaning fluid to use... Please excuse me if I'm not on the best or appropriate forum to ask this question... Thanks!
  2. C

    Scheduled Maintenance ?

    Hello, I currently own a M2P and it's my first serious drone. Can somebody tell me if there is some sort of scheduled maintenance we should perform, besides regular pre flight checks... Thanks in advance !
  3. G

    Need Log Files - I'm writing a Maintenance and Flight tracker

    Hi all I hope it's ok to post here. I've just bought a Mavic Pro Platinum myself and I waiting for it to arrive. I hope it is ok for me to post the following, I don't want to break any rules, I just need some help. So, the reason for this post is that I'm building a web based system, which...
  4. pcalvin

    iOS Log Book

    I am studying for my Part 107 license and I would like to keep a log book on my iPad, that I can also access from other devices (iPhone, MacBook Pro, etc.) This would be for flight time, location, etc as well as maintenance records, firmware updates, and do on. The documentation required by...
  5. sai

    Maintenance (motors)

    What does everyone do in terms of maintenance? I had a quick search and I couldn't find anything related to motors etc. Do they ever need oiling? I love this piece of hardware and am keen to take good care of it! any advice appreciated.
  6. Flawless

    General Maintenance advice?

    So, I've just received my Mavic and it's fantastic. Going to spend so much time with it! The Fly more combo came with a great little bag, and was wondering if it's safe to keep the rotors on when it's in there? It'll only be for short trips, otherwise I will take the rotors off. Aside from...
  7. Mavic_Ward

    Maintenance Schedules

    Does anyone have any set maintenance procedures to help keep the bird flying? I don't think DJI has a maintenance schedule for the Mavic. I'm just trying to develop my own to cover all of my bases for logging my flights and maintenance to further enhance my professionalism when it comes to the...