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  1. N

    Airdata maps not showing on W11 PC in multiple browsers

    On one W11 PC I have all maps in Airdata in my logs do not show up. On my laptop all works fine. In the app on my iPhone no problems too. Does anyone have a suggestion what could be the problem? I have tried Chrome, Edge, Opera and Firefox, but they all have this problem. I can't figure out what...
  2. B

    Flying with a phone w/o service plan & caching maps

    Good evening all- Experienced pilot but sold my Yuneec a few years ago. Now a mini 2 owner and I want to get a 2nd device (another phone) to use as my viewfinder, mainly as my iPhone SE gen 1 is not compatible with the flight controller. I’m thinking an iPhone 8 or X. Looks like from what I...
  3. hunterws

    Mavic Mini & cached maps.

    I had a Mavic Pro that ran Go4, and if I was going to an area without internet, I'd cache the map area before I left. Sold off the Pro and got the chance to get a mini, so did. No map caching I can see, no videos on it either. I plan on using a wi-fi only tablet with it, as well, my cell phone...
  4. Hivemapper

    Mapping contest - Use your DJI drone to win up to $3000

    I thought you all might be interested in this contest my company is putting on: We’re looking for DJI pilots to try building a 3D map at All you need to do is fly around any area you want to map and upload your video. It can be anything from a quick orbit around your house to...
  5. M

    Which Maps to Trust for Safe Flying

    Hi All, Just want to get a consensus on which map people use to determine whether it is safe to fly in a certain location. I use Airmap but when I compare the same location in B4UFly, I get very different warnings and alerts. Which one should I trust? How often do these maps get updated? Is...
  6. mrhinman

    DJI GEO maps and FAA maps conflict? Help!

    I'm new to DJI drones. I've flown other non-internet aircraft in the past (still do) and I'm a bit confused by the geo-fencing that DJI has. I fly frequently in a local park ("Beal Park" on the maps below) as it is on the edge of the Class C boundary, and according to the FAA UAS map, I'm in the...
  7. Jesse_M

    Another maps problem thread

    Hey guys/gals! First off just want to say hi to the community. I am new here but a long time pilot since the days of my P1 with a gopro...I came over from Phantom Pilots. I hate to start a new thread on this but after hours of searching I am coming up empty handed so maybe my problem is unique...
  8. Dave A

    Offline maps, do they auto load the right one.

    So if I have downloaded several offline maps when I go to fly at a location will Go4 automatically select the map for that area as long as I have pre-downloaded it? Offline maps worked well for me yesterday but if tomorrow I drive to a location an hour away will Go4 auto open that map as long...
  9. Dunczyk

    Offline maps added

    Hi. I updated DJI GO4 a few minutes ago and found ... offline maps !!! Finally. Android + DJIGO4 ver4.2.12.
  10. szh

    Regulations in Germany (2018) and reliability of Airmap

    I am looking for reliable, complete, and up-to-date information on drone regulations in Germany, as well as practical advice on flying there. There are several web pages and forum posts on this topic, but most seem incomplete, or they do not fully agree with each other. I do not speak German...
  11. B

    Maps Not Loading

    I'm having an issue since I started using my Mavic 2 months ago, that the maps don't load. When I click on the maps, I'm able to see my home point and which direction my aircraft is facing, but that's it. No maps, grid, lines, nothing. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Tab E as the device connected to...
  12. D


    Hello, Is there a way to download maps permanently into Litchi or DJI GO 4 so if there is no wifi connection the maps are there? Also am I correct that if I cache the map area be for I go fly it will be there when I get to the fly site? But if I turn off my device (Ipad Air 2) the map will not...
  13. D

    Auto Landing & Maps

    Thank you to everyone who has been helping me! I am slowly getting rid of the glitches but I found two more today that I need help with. I was in the park today taking is slow and easy. I pushed the RTH button and instead of returning to home it started to auto land. I pulled the TXT file (that...
  14. SkyIScrape

    Reporting FAA map errors

    One out of five airports on here don’t exist. One “airstrip” is a tri-county region’s garbage dump. Has been for 17 years. It’d be nice to have accurate data.
  15. Swing4TheRing

    Loading Maps to Fly in Other Countries

    I will be traveling to St Lucia in October and am curious if I need to download/upload whatever load certain maps before I get there in order to fly? If so, how do I go about doing this? I am using the newest iPad as well and should probably look in to seeing if my cellular connection for it...
  16. SkyIScrape

    Newbie needs expert advice

    Folks, Any help answering these questions would be appreciated. 1) Where the hell can I fly? I've flown my new Mavic Pro a total of three times. Each time I'm nervous as hell. Not for the fact that the only thing between me and a $1000 investment is gravity and 98 feet (beginner mode), but...
  17. P

    Is NFZ updated through updating the controller or the actual drone?

    I'm new here, so sorry if I'm posting this in a wrong area. I was curious if the No Fly Zone maps is updated from updating the controller individually or the drone. Thank you.
  18. K

    Newbie looking for help on where to fly legally

    Hey everyone, just got my first drone and I am super confused on these FAA laws. I know i'm not allowed to fly withing 5 miles of an airport, no higher then 400ft above a structure, over people and in restricted areas. What I just don't seem to comprehend is on the NJ map by b4ufly it seems...
  19. J

    An app that tells you how tall surrounding buildings are?

    Does anyone know of an app or website that shows the height of surrounding buildings? This would be helpful for RTH and Intelligent Modes. It would be awesome to see an overlay on a map that highlighted buildings that were within a range of 100ft-400ft.
  20. T

    Flying in Remote Area No Cellular Service with IPhone (iOS) - Maps?

    I have searched for the answer to this question, and maybe the answer is obvious and I'm just not getting it :confused: I will be in a remote part of Texas and there will not be wifi nor cellular service at this location. I cannot visit the location before I get there, since it is a many hour...