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mavi air

  1. O

    Autumn in Vermont 2019

    This was my first weekend with the MA, so I had no clue what I was doing. Hopefully I can make better videos in the future, but I did manage to grab some decent footage from what I had taken.
  2. M

    Found mavic air @ sharks cove, Hawaii

    Hey I found a mavic air in sharks cove... the battery had acid on it and although it landed on land I didn’t look like the ideal spot to land, probably a crash landing? Lmk if you think this is your drone and I’ll verify if it is with you.
  3. M

    Help reading logs understand what's happening.

    Newbie here. Problem? was learning how to use the Smart Gestures. Drone was following as intended and then suddenly landing. The propellers kept spinning fast. I ran over and grabbed my phone to control drone with phone. Later, in a different "session"/launch, it took off almost out of...
  4. andyd01275

    Maximum Hieght Question

    I did this Shoot yesterday, and I reviewed the flight data when I got back and found that I had gone over 400ft by 7ft. In the app I have it set to 400ft max, so my question is why would it of flown over the max hieght and especially as I was at see lever as you can see in the footage. Thanks in...
  5. KangaAir

    KangaAir - Clouds of Inspiration Project - The Hollern Experience

    E14 Das Hollern Erlebnis Film location: Hollern, Austria Drone: Mavic Air Video: 1080P 30 & 60fps KangaAir is an aerial photographer and passionate observer of nature, life & lifestyle. Mission: Publisher of digital images and promoter of music talent. We help reveal the natural beauty of...
  6. L

    Looking to exchange my MP for a MA

    Hey there pilots. I've had my Mavic air for just coming up to a year now and it's done me proud. I've got some great footage on it and really enjoy footage hunting across the globe with it. That being said, as a frequent traveller, I am always looking to downsize. I've done the same with my...
  7. T

    Mavic air in the ocean

    YOUTUBE FLIGHT LOG My Mavic Air went down in the ocean for a few days ago. It was hoovering about two meters over the ocean next to a boat. According to those who were in the boat this should be accurate. See the uploaded picture of the boat. Taken two minutes after the crash. See also the...
  8. V

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 as a tablet for Mavic Air

    Hi all I just bought used Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 to be my monitor for Mavic Air ( I use Samsung Note 4 before/now ).. And now I have a problem - when I connect my Tab S 8.4 to Mavic Air controler I have bad picture for live stream with artifact and big delay ( like 5 sec or more ), on my...