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mavic 2 zoom

  1. quadroger

    Motorbike Tour at the East Coast of Taiwan - From 0m Sea Level to 3275m and back

    Motorbike Tour at the East Coast of Taiwan - From 0m Sea Level to 3275m and back Unfortunately some of the scene are out of focus. Not sure why.
  2. N

    Magical Foggy Morning - Sunrise

    Montage of the footage I have done from a single morning. The Gray Heron in the middle of the video is something I'm proud of... I was thinking about putting some of the bird at the beginning, but this way it creates a kind of story... what do you think? Recorded with Mavic 2 Zoom.
  3. DJ Wes

    Elst, Netherlands, June 2019

    On a recent trip to the Netherlands I had the opportunity to capture footage in the town of Elst. I used the footage to create this “Pop-Up” movie with small factoids of the Netherlands. I hope you enjoy it. I used the following tools in the creation of this movie: • Litchi Mission Hub: Used...
  4. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Flying over Butter Creek

    Hidden behind the battlements of the towering Tatoosh Mountains is the verdant forested valley of Butter Creek - a quiet emerald paradise scattered with remnant patches of ancient old growth forest. From the hidden waters of the rushing creek to the snow fields of Unicorn Peak, this is a...
  5. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Flying under and through a covered bridge!

    For more than a hundred years the Grays River Covered Bridge has kept travelers safe and dry in this particularly soggy corner of the Pacific Northwest. Built in 1905, this is the only covered bridge still in use by vehicles in Washington State. The quiet pastoral valley of the Grays River is a...
  6. MrYKBQdV

    Platja de l'Ahuir (Gandia, Spain) 4K

    This is my first edited video with the very first shots I made with the Mavic 2 Zoom. I made the shots on the very beautiful coastal city of Gandia, Spain. Music is mine as well. Some bonus pictures:
  7. quadroger

    Coffee delivered by Drone - Is this the future? ;-) - Mavic 2 Zoom and Phantom 2 Vision+ in the air

    Coffee delivered by Drone - Is this the future? ;) - Mavic 2 Zoom and Phantom 2 Vision+ in the air. I tried to make a funny video with my two drones. The coffee (Tribo Coffee) is real but of course the coffee delivery by drone doesn't exist (yet). :oops:;)
  8. N

    Mavic 2 Zoom RC not connecting to phone

    Hello, I have been flying for months with no issue, then all of the sudden the DJI Go 4 app would not connect to the drone. Instead of "go fly" it would say "enter device." It seems like the issue is with the RC to phone connection because I can enter the camera view on the app. Mind you, I...
  9. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Spectacular Skies of Early Summer in SW Washington

    Thunderstorms rumble and vivid sunsets flare in the sultry humid days of early summer in Washington State. Green fields and reflecting lakes glow with verdant life in the wake of the cleansing rains that sweep across the landscape. I filmed the aerial portions of this video with my DJI Mavic 2...
  10. MrYKBQdV

    DJI Mavic 2 Zoom - RC Remote Factory Defect, very loud fan noise

    Hi everyone. I have just received a brand new DJI Mavic 2 Zoom bought from the official euro DJI Store. I haven't activated and/or flown the drone yet. As a I was preparing for the first flight I turned on the Remote controller RC and left it on, without even connecting the RC to the drone...
  11. BayRoad2.jpg


  12. BayRoad1.jpg


  13. Rockowe

    The Magic of Flying at Night - With the Awsome Zoom-

    There are few views as Magical as flying over a cityscape at Night- This one was Flying along a Ridge Line (Note how Lights Magically appear and Disappear- … Oh … and in the Panning? Blame Waypoints Mode (Litchi this time)- Always Jerky panning-... … But the Magic remains- Enjoy
  14. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Spring on the Prairie

    The prairies of Southwest Washington burst with a sea of Camas flowers in spring. The wildflowers of these meadows fill their air with their heady scent, and the skies are loud with birdsong. A brisk wind blows away the fog of morning to reveal a vivid blue sky, brightening to glorious sunset...
  15. Z

    Dragon Boat Race 2019

    Dragon boat race around HK every year, Mavic 2 is the best drone to handle all the track and trace, flying in between the dragon boats, feel like you are in the race~
  16. Z

    Sky Corridor

    Kai Kung Leng, one of the most beautiful hiking trail in Hong Kong northern area
  17. rossmoney

    Mavic 2 Pro CRASHed. I fixed it with a Zoom camera + Gimbal. $?

    I need your help trying to figure out how much to sell my drone for.. I crashed my Mavic 2 Pro (it's got some scars to prove it), and the front right arm joint snapped and the gimbal was damaged beyond repair. I installed a new arm joint and purchased a zoom camera + gimbal off bang good...
  18. Phantomrain.org

    Phantom Rain post - Flying with a wingman - side by side

    Video shows how the Mavic 2 responds to a second drone in very close air space. This is going to help us determine how close we fly the drones next to each other in a tandem mission. The full video is of course posted on Phantomrain.org but we learned a lot as to what we can expect and what...