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mavic 2 zoom

  1. jeryslo

    Balos Lagoon, Crete, Greece

    Hello! Just wanted to share a video from the most beautiful lagoon on the island Crete, Greece. It was taken this summer with Mavic 2 Zoom, enjoy! And a quick picture:
  2. C

    Mavic 2 Zoom 1No.ESC Error after Crash in Water

    Was unit in a crash? yes, tree branch 15' high and fell in 4' water near water line, Fresh water What device are you using ( iphone , ipad, Samsung , etc)? Iphone What firmware are you running ( aircraft, remote controller)? Tried latest and downgrade downloads in attempt to resolve 1No.ESC...
  3. quadroger

    Panoramic Photo - Video

    Video made only with panoramic photos from Mavic 2 Zoom. Each photo is 17900 x 2515 pixels
  4. DropTop-Mavic

    New User - Mavic Mini , Mavic 2 Zoom , DJI VR?

    Hi, Im Lee. New User. I own the Mavic Mini and also the Mavic 2 Zoom which is currently in for repair even though its had ZERO flights. I'll make a thread about it and explain with pics, but what I will say is .. partly my fault, but a big part of fault lays with the company I bought the extra...
  5. J


    Finally decided to join this forum after reading many of the greats posts. I've been flying my Mavic 2 Zoom since March 2020. I've crashed my drone twice (far from people) and I'd like to share my experiences with others to keep their drones healthy.
  6. O

    São Miguel Island - Azores _ M2Z

    Spectacular trip around the island of São Miguel (Azores - Portugal). Video recorded with my M2Z with ND filters and D-cinelike profile. Edited with Premiere Pro.
  7. Z

    Canal Town in Hong Kong

  8. Ebenezer Church NSW Australia

    Ebenezer Church NSW Australia

  9. Ebenezer Church NSW Australia

    Ebenezer Church NSW Australia

  10. Ebenezer NSW Australia

    Ebenezer NSW Australia

  11. Ebenezer NSW Australia

    Ebenezer NSW Australia

  12. Hawkesbury River Ebenezer NSW Australia

    Hawkesbury River Ebenezer NSW Australia

  13. Ebenezer Church NSW Australia

    Ebenezer Church NSW Australia

  14. M

    Hello from Santiago Chile

    I'm really happy with my new mavic 2 zoom, definitively the best buy of the year, thank you for this forum, I hope going to be very useful Atte. Matias Ascencio A.
  15. djidroneservice

    Mavic 2 Zoom Brand New Covid-19 Sale Only $1239 shipped Brand New While Supplies Last
  16. J

    Ceiling restriction on indoor flight

    Hi Dears, I have a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom and I use it for indoor flight. When the GPS signal is weak, my drone operates in OPTI mode. But, after taking off, when it is moving up, its ceiling is limited by software around 3.5 meters. So I turn off "Enable Vision Positioning" and flight mode...
  17. KozelSDN

    Updard obstacle detected + Sensor calibration error

    Hello everyone, My name is Standa and I begin with flying I have a problem with DJI Mavic 2 zoom: At launch the drone does not fly higher than 10 cm, lands and the engine has a speed of 200rpm. Error message: Updard obstacle detected, see attached photo. I tried to calibrate the sensors, but...
  18. F

    Mavic 2 zoom gone crazy

    I was flying my 1 hour old mavic 2 zoom very slowly in tripod mode using a nexus 7 tablet connected to a hotspot on my phone in my pocket. Suddenly the drone took off up above the surrounding trees and wouldn't respond to the control sticks at all. At one stage after bouncing from one tree to...
  19. L

    New...Traveling...Which one?

    Hi pilots out there, I live in Palm Beach county, Florida. My buddy has the commercial license and turned me on to look at that as well one day. Though, I’m new to the drone world and haven’t bought yet, but about to. Looking at the Mavic Mini Fly More Combo but have concerns after reading here...
  20. Aerial-Pixel

    Master Airscrew Stealth Props for the Mavic 2 Review and Comparison

    We did a review and comparison of the new Master Airscrew Stealth Props for the Mavic 2, make sure you stick around to the end where we recap everything, or check the timestamps in the description. Like and subscribe is always appreciated!