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  1. minipilotmda

    Most desirable new feature

    I would love to know what features advanced (any drone ability level) drone enthusiasts are looking forward to on the next big drone leap forward? For me, I would love to see DJi adopt the hot swap batteries. Sound crazy? Tell me what you think.
  2. S

    Closing Cells / Not Opening Cells / Non-Charging Cells, How To Repair

    Hello there, I am writing from turkey. I am sharing the R&D results I have done in Turkey in line with the possibilities at my disposal. If your battery is turned off, does not charge, does not turn on, please do not hesitate to ask questions. I can help. Link is Here Youtube Video Link
  3. A

    2 Zoom Mavic 2 flying into the sunset

    mavic 2 zoom sunset at Southern Ocean
  4. X


    Hi everyone. I was flying yesterday until Mavic starts to behave abnormally and finally it crashed. Can anyone have look at DAT file and help me figure out what exactly happened? The whole flight went well, when the drone was high something starts to happen, drone start to circulate and finally...
  5. Mavic 2 Active track 2.0 obstacle avoidance passed ✅

    Mavic 2 Active track 2.0 obstacle avoidance passed ✅

    Active track 2.0 and apas perfection
  6. V

    Mavic Pro shot and returns home safely

    The story has been out there a few days now but my Mavic Pro was shot and hit last weekend ... The most impressive part is that it flew just shy of 3/4 mile to land safely... I can’t be more happy with the product that DJI has out there ... Thanks for all the support so far ...
  7. R

    Mavic Mini return to the remote location

    Hello everyone, Its been 5 weeks I got my mavic mini. I love all the features and functionality of mavic mini. However, i was trying to make a video while riding a car. Surprisingly, after every 49 ft the drone would stop and give a warning sigh “ maximum altitude reached return home” it was...
  8. P

    Mavic 2 Durability

    I recently received my Mavic 2 Pro, and I was excited to fly my new drone. I unboxed the Mavic, and unfolded the top wings without issue. I then proceeded to attempt to unfold the other set in the same direction, until I had realized my mistake. I thought that the bottom set unfolded in the same...
  9. B

    Using the air over Luzern and Brienzersee

    Footage I caught travelling around some mountains
  10. T

    Mavic props breaking?

    Has anyone else had the experience of having their propellers break in midair? I’ve had mine do this around 5-6 times. Last night this happened around 200 feet up sending my Mavic into a death spiral and denying me all control. This caused it to fly about 1/2 mile away and crashing it causing...
  11. L

    Mavic problem

    how you guys doing? i have a quick question. I got my mavic pro fly more combo for Christmas, and then like 5 days later i'm flying it, in my friends backyard to show him. He lives inside the yellow zone. I was able to take off, and fly for like a good minute, then it asked me for a payment...