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    Mavic 2 Durability

    I recently received my Mavic 2 Pro, and I was excited to fly my new drone. I unboxed the Mavic, and unfolded the top wings without issue. I then proceeded to attempt to unfold the other set in the same direction, until I had realized my mistake. I thought that the bottom set unfolded in the same...
  2. B

    Using the air over Luzern and Brienzersee

    Footage I caught travelling around some mountains
  3. T

    Mavic props breaking?

    Has anyone else had the experience of having their propellers break in midair? I’ve had mine do this around 5-6 times. Last night this happened around 200 feet up sending my Mavic into a death spiral and denying me all control. This caused it to fly about 1/2 mile away and crashing it causing...
  4. L

    Mavic problem

    how you guys doing? i have a quick question. I got my mavic pro fly more combo for Christmas, and then like 5 days later i'm flying it, in my friends backyard to show him. He lives inside the yellow zone. I was able to take off, and fly for like a good minute, then it asked me for a payment...
  5. Prestations aériennes (photos & vidéos) - YouTube

    Prestations aériennes (photos & vidéos) - YouTube

    Ouistreham - 14 #calvados #ouistreham #vidéos