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  1. D

    lost footage

    Hello, I am currently having some issues with my DJI Air 2. I was filming a wedding and took around 20 clips. After dumping all the data to a hard drive I am going back and only have 1 file on my SD card and hard drive (which has not been used since that wedding). It is a weird file that has 4...
  2. koco2202

    Big thank you to this forum!!

    Before I mention one more time, BIG THANK YOU to the participants on this forum, let me explain how they saved me over $500-1000. I destroyed my drone (Mavic Air 2), it was totally my fault, the camera gimbal and the top left wing were completely destroyed, and since I don’t have DJI Care...
  3. DreambyDJIDrone

    Air 2 Mavic Air 2 Santorini Greece

    Mavic Air 2 Santorini 🇬🇷💙🤍 Video of this spring weekend in Santorini in Greece
  4. W

    Mini 2 or Mavic Air 2?

    Hi guys. As a newbie, I'm planning to get one of these (for my trips) and trying to find out the following. 1. Which drone is best for a beginner - Mini 2 or Mavic Air 2? I'm not savvy when it comes to operating drones especially, but am willing to learn. But what really matters most to me...
  5. ilSimo95

    Poor quality raw 48MP Mavic Air 2

    Hello everyone, I'm new here, really excited to be part of this great photographic community! I'd like to know if there's someone who can help me with a problem I think it's not solvable unless selling my Dji Mavic Air 2. Shooting at 48MP, I noted that images were a bit disturbed, quality...
  6. F

    Air 2 First tests of DJI Mavic Air 2 Active Track on MTB

    Got the courage to trust the Mavic Air 2 Active Track and started with MTB! Tested Trace and Parallel mode on a well known trail. Hope you enjoy! Soon I will post another one Hiking. On both sports got some scary moments but zero crashes.
  7. K

    Air 2 First 4K video with mavic air 2 , Lixouri , Kefalonia , greece.

    Hello to the forum . This is the first 4K video , i made using only my new drone Mavic Air 2 , It's shows the hightlights of my small city , Lixouri , Kefalonia , Greece 2 days before the second lockdown of my area. below i attach the youtube links of the latest video and my channel with my...
  8. N

    Air 2 Summer paradise...

    Just some shots taken with my MA2 over the weekend around Nelson Bay and Hawks Nest in Australia. Make sure you add me on insta if you're into these here: Cheers!
  9. LNShadow

    Air 2 Elbrus. Our journey to Another World in 4k

    Hi! I guess the whole idea of this trekking originated from the climbing a few years ago, when we went down to the valley for a day, but stayed there only overnight. This time it was decided to go on our own and we began to prepare for this climbing almost one year beforehand: choosing and...
  10. AtortPhotography

    Freewell Anamorphic Lens Footage for Mavic Air 2

    I have been playing around with this Freewell Anamorphic lens I bought for my Mavic Air 2 and honestly pretty cool! I shot some footage yesterday with it and put together a sample edit and will do a video today on how to work with the footage to desqueeze and make it look good so subscribe if...
  11. Drone Operations and Skill Training Enhanced using Neurotechnology and Neuromodulation.

    Drone Operations and Skill Training Enhanced using Neurotechnology and Neuromodulation.

    Drone piloting and operations enhanced by bilateral transdermal auricular stimulation. This is the first post on my new channel and am are excited to be shar...
  12. 2

    Sun flare bleeding into the frame

    Hey! I recently got my first drone and obviously I crashed it once but it was not a big crash, I was landing next to my car and the wind pushed my drone to fly into the car( it was about 1 meter high) then it fell into the ground. I looked it very carefugly but didn’t managed to find anything...
  13. T

    Easy iPad mini holder extension for MA2

    Hey everyone! I finally got my new Mavic Air 2 yesterday and like lots of people, I have been trying to figure out the best way to fit my iPad mini 5 to the holder. I have one of those swivel bracket types you see on Amazon for my mini and it works well, but it does add some weight and will...
  14. L

    Mavic Air 2 Lens Cover replacement?

    Hi team ! Hey quick question, as I’m sure someone has had the same loss. I lost the clear filter that goes over the camera lens(not the gimbal cover). I asked DJI if I could buy a new one but they said they weren’t available to buy separately. I was thinking of taking the 256 ND filter and...
  15. DreambyDJIDrone

    New Mavic Air 2 Pilot (France ??)

    Hello, I am new here. I've had a Mavic Air 2 since its official release and some travel videos on my Youtube account
  16. Adaminfl

    Authorization Prohibited!

    Has anyone else had this issue? Super pumped to get in the air, then this blocked me 100%. DJI support is horrible as well. Open to suggestions. I'll take drone to another location later to see if that helps, as I'm out the outskirts of a blue zone.