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  1. L

    Android phone microSD in the drone without further formatting

    Can a Samsung A53 android phone formatted microSD card just be removed from the phone, inserted into the drone, and used WITHOUT formatting again in the drone? In other words, would a phone-formatted card, as is, be fully operational in the drone?
  2. L

    MicroSD to Lightning Adapter

    Hello Everyone, I’m looking for a reliable adapter to directly transfer my 4K videos from MicroSD to an Apple iPhone (lightning cable). Amazon gives several options and all of them have “OK” reviews and I’m skeptical and unsure which model I should buy. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions...
  3. C

    Free file recovery utility comes with SanDisk SDs

    There has been some recent discussion here about recovering data from the microSD cards in crashed drones. This may be common knowledge to many, but I just found out about it... Hidden inside the packaging of a 128GB SanDisk microSD I just bought was a coupon for a free, one-year subscription...
  4. Aerial-Pixel

    Sandisk Extreme Micro SD Cards Cheap on Prime Today

    For those needing to stock up, my favorite Sandisk Extreme Micro SD's are on sale cheap today if you have Amazon Prime, 128GB for $19.99.
  5. m80116

    LOGs inside the SD card - I WANT TO KNOW

    I think I have the right to know following the new events for reporting to the best of my knowledge correct and accurate information what is happening with the Mini. It all started in here Formating Noted people of this forum said: -There are no flight logs on your SD card-. Now, can you...
  6. J

    Using Micro USB with Apple Mac computers (compatibility issues)...

    My Mac computers (both an iMac and a Mac Pro) are unable to read the 128GB microSD card from my Mavic 2 Zoom. I was trying to offload the video I shot with my Zoom, and my Macs would not even recognize/mount the microSD card. When I inserted the card, I a window popped up that said the device...
  7. bobomet

    Can My Mav2Pro Use A 128gb MicroSD Card?

    I'm seeing that the 128gb Extreme Plus cards: Max. Read Speed: 95 MB/s Max. Write Speed: 90 MB/s are selling for just $5USD more than the 64gb. I could use it a lot in both my GoPro and Mavic, if it'll work. Anyone know?
  8. J

    Phone Cache vs Micro SD

    Hi, really sorry if this has been covered but I couldn't find. Is there a benefit to saving to Micro SD as opposed to direct to my Iphone cache? I have a large memory on iphone but upon taking the video off yesterday (my SD card was full) it seemed at a lower quality to that of the SD card...
  9. W

    Photos taken when SD card removed.

    I took a few photos (nothing important) with the microSD card removed from the Mavic. I expected that since the photos were normally copied to the phone (albeit in lower resolution), that they would be there even when the SD card was not installed. I was fortunate to learn (when the photos were...
  10. D

    Dropped frames in 4K recording

    I understood that the Mavic Pro writes 4K at 60mbps (mega bits per second) and that is only about 8Mb per second. Well, I think the 60mbps must be a typo and they mean 60Mb/s as slower cards (600x) are dropping frames. I have a few Lexar 600x 32GB micro SD HC1 cards for my Phantom 2 GoPro Hero 3...
  11. Mavic 57

    Goggles and microsd compatible.

    I have a problem, the Sandisk 64gb card that I use in my Mavic, cannot be read in the goggles. The Panasonic 16gb supplied with the Mavic works fine in goggles and Mavic. Anyone tried a 64gb card in the goggles ?
  12. E

    Transferring Files

    Is removing the micro SD card the only way to copy/transfer the files to your PC/laptop? Any port from mavic itself + cable that can connect to my laptop to transfer the files? Thank you.
  13. S

    Corrupted/Unopenable .MOV and .MP4 files

    So I've had the Mavic about a month now and flown it at every possible opportunity. The first time I discovered an unopenable file was after a full battery run and capturing one 3gb video file at 1080p in .MOV format. VLC displays the video length as 0:00 and QuickTime displays a message saying...