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  1. M

    Can We do Flips in Sport+ Mode?

    To all firmware modders and parameter patchers out there As you might well know there is the so called Sport+ mode. And of course you are free to pitch the parameters further up. So if you pitch them up you might get to a stability boundary allowing for severe control "mistakes" such as flips...
  2. h1s0k4

    Mavic Air battery mod

    Hi there , it's me from Vietnam . I read the thread " Mavic pro battery mod " for hours but can not find any thread about Mavic Air battery mod . I have a Mavic air because it's very compact and suit for me when I have to travel with my camera gears . I only found this : DJI Mavic Air Battery...
  3. B

    Nottingham, Maryland checking in!

    I have been flying my Mavic for about a year now and have modded and tested a bunch of different antennas and recently just stepped up to the Command Case from Titan Drones. If anyone has questions about mods on the Mavic (software/hardware) shoot me a PM and I'd be glad to answer any questions...
  4. M

    Gimbal Cover ... Never forget to remove it again.

    I forgot to remove my Gimbal Cover so I decided to „Mod“ it a touch. I just added a ribbon to it so that I’ll never forget to remove it again. I was going to bore a hole in it but then decided to thread it through the slot on the hatch. It works a treat!
  5. T0mmykn1fe

    Alfa Networks 10dbi mod

    Does anyone have any experience with modding the DJI remote for the removal of the stop directional antennas and adding a single directional Alfa Networks 10dbi antenna (or two) to the Mavics controller (like they did with the Phantom) I've seen a lot of chatter about boost upgrades but am just...
  6. mikey201

    case to fit modded controller?

    just got my mavic RC modded for the Titan atlas antenna and now it doesnt fit in my small portable case..does anyone know of a case where it can fit and isnt to big . and could fit in a backpack
  7. bigbrother

    Need a sprayer mod...Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    New to the forum, great stuff! Am wanting a mod for Mavic Platinum to add a pesticide sprayer to spot treat infested trees. The canister is no bigger than a household can of Raid. I understand Arduino and servos, just wondering if anything is commercially available and whether there is an...
  8. Haloweenhamster

    Titan lanyard mod

    After using the Titan Atlas a couple of times I thought that it needed a lanyard but the ones for sale are for the phone mount and the center of gravity would be way off so a decided to make my own I'll tidy it up next time I'm at work then paint it black Any thoughts? Any ideas on...
  9. Haloweenhamster

    Led lights

    I was wondering if anyone has changed the led lights for navigation ie one leg to green and rear green to white?
  10. Adamcain112

    Tablet Case Mod

    Like keeping my ipad mini 4 in the case, its a pain to take off everytime to put in the holder. I used a rectangular punch so the holder tabs could slide in and grab the top of the tablet. I works perfectly so now I don't have to remove the tablet case and I can still get the sun shade on.
  11. RolandS888

    Flying on 18650 cells

    Set this up using the original battery monitoring board from a destroyed battery and 3 new LG HG2 18650 cells. I couldnt get the mon board to turn on so I powered the Mavic through one of the battery plugs I installed on the side. The mon board was plugged into the balance wires on the 18650...
  12. I

    Is It Legal or still under DJI care refresh warranty?

    Hello All, Was just wondering if I Mod my Mavic to fly in NFZ (which sadly not so hard to do) will it still be under DJI Care warranty? (please don't post how to do it by the way so thread will stay alive) thank you
  13. J

    Has anyone tried the DJI Mavic PRO MaXX Mod Pro Range Extender?

    Has anyone tried the DJI Mavic PRO MaXX Mod Long Range Antennas? (MaXX MOD DJI Mavic Pro Range Extender 3 Antenna Kit + Installation -) I'm thinking about picking it up, but wanting to know if it is a gimmick first
  14. Melvi

    Mavic Battery Mod

    Hey Guys, im thinking about to buy the UAV Mods Battery Mod because i also want to Use the DBS Antenna Mod soon. But i got some questions. Did someone ever tested one of these Adapters?How easy are they to install?How do you mount the LiPo´s on the Mavic? Battery Mod Link: DJI inspire mods new...
  15. Shep

    Modification Tip - Using iPad mini in Controller

    This should work for any iPad mini: Like so many others, my iPad mini was tough to get in and out of my controller and all I have on it is a carbon fiber skin. I decided to brave it even though my Mavic was only a few hours old, and solve the problem. I took the rubber off the bottom side of...
  16. J

    Mavic Pro battery mod... ?

    I realize obtaining another battery at this point for my Mavic, is going to take quite a while, while most people don't even have one battery or mavic. Now, I'm not opposed to trying things and experimenting with my expensive toys. I'm wondering if anyone knows if it would be possible to attach...