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no video

  1. S

    No video after flex cable repair

    Hello. I am a relatively new pilot and bought a Mavic Pro with the infamous Gimbal Overload error, and a flex cable. I successfully repaired the flex cable, and it stabilizes, but I lost the video feed. I get no errors from the app, and am pretty sure that the camera itself is OK, so I presume...
  2. Saigongal

    Help re SD card and photo/video functions

    Hi Guys, This is my first post as I am a brand new pilot, so apologies if it isn't in the right place. Please let me know if I need to re-post it in a different place.... thanks: . Problem? Using Mavic Pro - I have several issues concerning the video, still photos and SD card. I am a novice...
  3. R

    Please help! 0x800000 error, no Gimbal Status option in the Options menu and no SD card.

    I purchased a second-hand Mavic 1 pro recently with the owner stating that it needed a gimbal ribbon replacement. It was a good price so I figured I could try and fix it as a project. I have an issue after replacing the gimbal ribbon and video cable. I still get the 0x800000 error but the...
  4. D

    Still image only on startup after crash, no video. Bad cable?

    Hi all, I crashed my Mavic Pro a while back. Went into flyhome mode as I was 1 foot off the ground, landing under a covered patio. Damage seems minimal, considering how bad the crash looked. Wanted to see if I can get a confirmation before I open it up. Drone flies OK and the gimbal seems...
  5. B

    Replaced ribbon, no video but gimbal works?

    Howdy folks, just replaced the ribbon to the gimbal on the mavic pro- the motor and controls work on the remote to the gimbal but no video to DJI app.
  6. T

    Help! Crashed Drone and No Video Comes Through!

    I crashed my mavic Pro into a tree and it fell about 8 feet straight down on to the legs and then popped up on to its back. When I got the drone back up and going, I was looking at a black screen on my phone. Anyone have an issue when the crashed before like this, worried because I have an...
  7. davidduffett

    Gimbal Moves at startup when camera cable unattached...

    Hello It's my first time posting... I am trying to understand what parts on my Mavic may be broken... I had someone kick my Mavic across a gravely paved road... I was about to fly and had the gimbal cover off and the gimbal and fan area took most of the damage... I have straitened out the grill...
  8. R

    No video feed from mavic pro

    Hey guys, I just replaced my ribbon cable on my mavic pro and I still can't get any video feed to my phone. Any suggestions? I'd like to try to work on it myself if possible because I'm a poor college student (got the mavic with the broken ribbon cable). Also I've heard DJI costs a lot and can...