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  1. C


    Hi Fellow Mavic Pilots! Im new to the drone game having just recieved a Mini from my wife at Xmas. I realise its a very limited model given its age but im having great fun with it. Im already planning my upgrade next year :) Nice to find a forum like this to share experiences and photo/video...
  2. M

    Mini How Norwegians Quarantine - Mini 2

  3. W

    Stavanger Summer in Scandinavia

    Stavanger Summer in Scandinavia Some unusually good weather the last few days in Stavanger, western Norway?? and also great light for photos and videos. Took a series of videos early morning and also in the evening and have put together a short compilation of the clips (3 minutes and 24...
  4. nubbix

    Sunset in Norway

  5. nubbix

    The Gate

    Shot with 2 Pro
  6. AirBuzzOne

    New pilot from Norway

    Hi! I'm a new Mavic pilot. Thanks for welcoming to this forum. I'm a 37-year-old design engineer/technical animator from Norway. My photography hobby has evolved quite a lot over the last years. In 2008 I started with urban exploring which still is a huge passion of mine. Then I found a huge...
  7. AirBuzzOne

    First snow in the Norwegian mountains - autumn 2017

    Hi guys! I'm quite new here on the forum, but I thought I should present myself with these images taken just after the first snow at my cabin in the Norwegian mountains last year. The last picture is actually taken just before the snow, an early morning I managed to get up and launch the drone...
  8. M

    Mavic Pro - Norway, Oslo Opera at sunset a cold winterday

    Took my Mavic Pro out for a flight capturing the Oslo Opera house in Norway by Snøhetta architects at sunset a beautiful winterday. The building was finished in 2007 and lies at the seafront. The clean lines of the building is stunning! It is covered in a white italian marble, and the cool...
  9. BrAinZ

    Flying Mavic in Norway - RPAS Operator 1 RO1 Form

    I am off to Norway in a few weeks and will be taking to Mavic to hopefully get some great shots. Thanks to some info in one of the threads a while ago I read that in order to fly a drone in Norway you have to complete a form (RPAS- operator 1 RO1) and send to the Civil Aviation Authority in...
  10. N

    Sjusjøen Norway -15 celcius

    Got my Mavic for Christmas, so this is my second day of flying. Challenge: find the crash site of my drone on Christmas eve. It’s there in the deep snow somewhere :-) This is from my cabin in Sjusjøen, Norway Same location, higher altitude...
  11. S

    Christmas video of Santa Sleding Down Moutain In Norway

    Here is a video Me and a friend made in my hometown in Norway. Kinda goofy video but it did have some epic drone shoots. Merry Christmas to you all. Do you have any christmas videos?
  12. M

    Video Holiday Card From Bergen Norway (Laksevag)

    This year, instead of sending holiday cards by mail. I would make a video holiday card for my friends and family. This is my first video, so if you can, please give me some feedback :) Happy Holidays to you all
  13. M

    Grettings from Bergen Norway !

    Hello fellow pilots :) I just got myself my first drone 2 weeks ago, and just startet learning video editing. Cant wait to explore this community, lovely to see so many people wanting to become Drone Pilots :D I thought this year, instead of sending holiday cards in the mail. I would make a...
  14. J

    Road Trip to Norway | 4K - My First Post

    A spontaneous and fast 36 hours road trip with my dad. From Arjeplog , Sweden to Norway. To take some droneshoots over the road in Junkerdal before it closes and re-opens for cycling only. Now, afterwards, I thought that the video was a little to long... perhaps... What do u think? :)
  15. R

    My first movie - Lofoten islands, Norway

    Hello All! I've been trying to shoot with drones since Phantom 2 Vision, but this is the first serious movie I have put together. Not sure what's the best forum for it, because I used both Mavic and P4P drones to create it. I take Mavic to the mountains with me when hiking, and I launch heavier...
  16. P

    LA-8-PV LA-8-PV - Norway

    Living in Arendal Norway. Is a member of the local Model airplane club. Experience wise, I have been flying model aircraft for 10 years, and crashed more planes over the years than id like to admit. My first drone was a Flamewheel F550 (still alive even after five years) and recently invested in...
  17. Finlandos

    Beatiful scenery from North Norway

  18. Berserk

    Helgeland, North Norway

    Video of the mountains, fjords, islands, rivers and glaciers of Helgeland, North Norway.
  19. N

    about to get a new mavic pro

    hi guys , after some stalking i saw how friendly and helpfull most of you are in here soo i decided to open an account hoping that somebody could help me out with some info, i live in Longyearbyen /Svalbard(tecnicly norway) and i was about to get a new mavic pro from and realiced...
  20. sailbrah

    Sweden and Norway

    Hi everyone, just finished my trip around Scandanavia and Norway. Still learning with my mavic so messed up plenty of shots but managed to scrape some footage together. Feedback welcome, enjoy! Edit: For those who haven't seen it, my previous video