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  1. D

    Drone operation in Redhook, Brooklyn

    Hi, I am Part 107 certified and have been asked By a University to take photos of a local farm in Redhook, Brooklyn. The area is clear to fly according to B4UFly but i understand drones are prohibited throughout NYC. Is there a way i can perform this task at all? We have permission from the...
  2. P

    Flying in NYC & NJ

    Hello fellow pilots ! I will be visiting NYC for a week and would love to take some amazing shots of lower manhattan. From what I've googled so far I understand it's almost impossible to legally fly. Due to NYC restriction which forbids any drones in the whole NYC. However there are countless...
  3. B

    Drone in NYC and NJ

    Dudeeeees, I am new here! What's up yall? I am from Sweden but will spend a few weeks in NYC starting in the next few days. Sooo I have read tons about drones and whether they are legal or not and there are sites that say NO (there are some legal parks in BK and Queens according to those sites)...
  4. C

    Greetings from NYC

    Hey Everyone, Just picked up my mavic pro today and looking forward to being an active member and maybe meeting up once I get the hang of everything. Best, C.Pineapple
  5. BrooklynFlyer

    Can someone recommend a LUT for this type of D-log night city video?

    Sorry video is long. I am no editor. I think it has a certain appeal in D-log, but I'm sure there is lots that can be done (I mean very easily via LUTs, never mind real editing for now). I have a few LUTs, but it is hard to know how best to apply them.
  6. princephoenix

    Hello from Elmsford!

    Hi there, New pilot checking in! Just got Part 107 certified and looking to become a paid pilot! Looking for new areas to fly in to photograph and film in the tri state area, as well as in PA! Let's network! -Princephoenix
  7. BrooklynFlyer

    Night Flying with Litchi

    Flew this last night, but only its only in 720p because the file came up as corrupted on the card, but it was cached on ipad in 720p I've never had a corrupt file before, but I guess it happens
  8. jpbluzharp

    Oh, the things we see...

    Had two all day shoots on a modular construction site.. Love working with construction guys because if you're good at what you do.. that's good enough for them. They're not gawking at the camera which allows you to get really great action shots.. Crane op was a stone cold pro.. Had time to take...
  9. J

    Buying Mavic Overseas

    Hi, I am from Australia and going to NYC at the end of the year for a few weeks holiday. Just by looking at the DJI website in different countries, it is clear that the DJI Mavic Pro on the Australian website ($1600AUD) compared to the US site ($1239AUD) it is clear that the drone is...
  10. ayoslick

    Breakneck Ridge Hike NY

  11. BrooklynFlyer

    Latest Litchi Mission

  12. W

    New York, I Love You

    Hey folks, new footage from my yt-channel Patrick Steinkuhl Enjoy and subscribe, if you like! Patrick
  13. Joely-Bird

    Some Pics from the neighborhood

    I haven't yet posted any pics or videos here... mostly because I haven't had any results that I'm pleased with... don't get me wrong, it is entirely down to my own lack of creativity recently, not down to the Mavic! Most of my flights to date have been tests and getting to know the bird... and...
  14. alviar

    Brooklyn, NY July 4th

    some footage of the nyc fireworks last week.
  15. LoveJoy

    Pilot checkin' in from NYC

    Just bought my mavic home today. Getting used to flying here in the big apple.
  16. Viper

    Falls Lake NC

    4K Frame Grab.
  17. alviar

    Quick skating recap in BK, NY

    i was djing a skating event a few weeks ago and took some footage when i wasn't busy. check it out
  18. Joely-Bird

    Manhattan Flyby

    As I was falling asleep the other night, I swear I saw and heard a Mavic float past my apartment window... It was pretty dark, but the Red/Green lights are pretty distinctive! Now I was half asleep but pretty sure I wasn't dreaming! Any Pilots in the North Manhattan area around 190th St? Drop...
  19. K


    Here is the infamous Gownaus Canal.... Is likea toxic dumpster canal. I recalled few years there was sewage backup.. OMG it stinks :(
  20. marcusLAND

    Hello from Brooklyn

    My name is Marcus...excited new owner of Mavic Pro. Took my first flight near Coney Island, Calvert Vaux Park, Brooklyn last week and excited to get in the air ASAP. Just wanted to check in and say hello to everyone. safeFLYING, -mL