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  1. macfawlty

    iPad Pro 12.9 overheating

    I like a big monitor and use my iPad Pro 12.9” when flying. Problem is, in the summer it overheats easily. I’ve seen mygoflight cooling cases and others, but nothing for the 12.9”. Anyone have any bright ideas for keeping an iPad cool when flying in hot, sunny weather?
  2. M

    Mavic Air Processor Chip Overheated - dji maintenance

    Hello guys, im Marlon, from Brazil. ( Sorry, my english s from google translate ) I have a mavic air bought a few months ago and little used. My drone never crashed and presented the problem "processor chip overheated" The fan was apparently not working, so I sent DJI's assistance here in...
  3. OC Fly Boy

    Unsafe Mavic 2 Parallel Charging Hub

    This charger gets really HOT, 146 deg F during full load, ie 3 Mavic 2 batteries + RC + 10" Samsung tablet. Too hot to touch. Worst is that it starts to cycle on/off during charging of the batteries. It's overheating, unsafe and bad for the batteries. I also have the same charger for my Mavic...
  4. S

    Cooling fan will not run

    Problem? The fan in my Mavic Pro does not run. Was unit in a crash? yes, received an error message saying the core was getting too hot and noticed the fan was not running. What have you tried so far? I have replaced it, but it's still not functioning. What device are you using ( iphone ...
  5. Mad Mavic

    Mavic Pro Platinum Cooling fan controller

    Can anyone tell me where on the core board, the cooling fan controller is located.
  6. O

    Crystalsky Monitor Overheat Warning

    Hi. New to the forums but I've been flying the Mavic for a few months now. After a number of frustrating flights with video lagging and or app crashing within my iPhone 6 and Ipad Air 2, I decided to try out the Crystalsky. I recently purchased a 5.5 version and got it in yesterday. I haven't...
  7. A

    DJI firmware update version 4.1.18 issues

    I am another of the apparently many people who are having real issues with the Mavic Pro after this update. I have had the drone for about 6 months now and only started having some issues in the last few weeks - and especially now with the 4.1.18 update a couple of days ago. I have 2 smartphones...
  8. Ferg333

    Samsung s6 blackout

    Hi Started flying my Mavic Pro a few weeks back but Im having issues with the phone getting hot and a black screen during flight. Ive noticed previous posts on this issue but was there a solution to the issue.
  9. S

    WARNING - iPad Overheated and shutdown during flight

    I recently was boating with friends and wanted to get some cool footage of my friends boat. Planned to do hand launch and catch while we were on the water since not enough space to land on the boat safely. We had been out about 3 or 4 hours and air temp was ~102F. When we reached a nice spot...
  10. L

    Overheating iPad Air2

    I was flying & filming some b-roll this past weekend and in the middle of my second flight my iPad Air2 experienced an "overheating event" and it temporarily shutdown. This of course was a little disconcerting being in mid flight. Has anyone experienced this and have you come to a solution or...
  11. U

    Mavic Fan Problem.

    Yesterday I pull out the Mavic from the bag and there was a little bit of sand in the bag. I flight the day before on the beach from the rocks so the Mavic will be clear of the sand. I think the bag fell down in the sand but this I didn't notice . After flying I stored the Mavic as usually in...
  12. HollWaz

    Samsung S6 Overheating

    I've started having trouble with a Samsung Galaxy S6 shutting down the DJI Go 4 app and telling me it's overheating, it won't let me restart the app for about a minute while it cools down. After restarting the app it appears to work for the rest of the flight but when I land the phone is very...