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phantom 4 pro

  1. flflyer

    DJI CrystalSky 7.85" High Brightness Multi-Touch IPS Monitor -$375.00

    DJI CrystalSky 7.85" High Brightness Multi-Touch IPS Monitor I have two available for sale. Buy 1 $375.00 Shipped CONUS ONLY - Buy both, at one time, $720.00 Shipped CONUS ONLY Updated with the latest firmware on 04/10/2023 Pictures were taken 05/01/2023 Includes: 1 battery 2 port smart...
  2. G

    Moving from phantom 4 pro to mavic 3

    Hey folks, Just setting up mavic 3. I'm supposed to be shooting a job tomorrow and I haven't flown it yet. eeek Reading posts here, I'm wondering if I should just shoot on the phantom and have more of a practice. Is there anything I need to know before flying this thing?
  3. T

    Phantom 4 pro gimbal dead

    Hello! I have problem with my DJI Phantom 4 pro. After crash my gimbal was dead - after startup the gimbal twiches a little bit but after that it is in the same position no matter what i press on the remote. I suspect the gimbal power board, but when I look at it it looks solid. Video of startup...
  4. Ian_1424

    Mavic Air 2 vs Phantom 4 Pro

    Okay for starters these are two pretty different drones but they are the best options for me to choose from. I am looking to buy another Dji drone and I have been left with the P4P and the new Mavic Air 2. I primarily interest in real estate photography and not so much videography. I have...
  5. A


    Hi all, I've been hired to do some aerial footage inside a church hall at night but the client claims there will be loads of light as it is to cover a media event.. My questions is whether you guys think I need to use an ND filter? if so which? or maybe I dont need to use a filter at all...
  6. DanBallardphoto

    Mavic 2 Pro IQ for Landscape Photography vs Phantom 4P, inspire 2 X7

    Hey all, I couldn't find anyone comparing the IQ of the Mavic 2 Pro to the Phantom 4 Pro for still photography (I'm a pro landscape photographer so not to concerned about video) so I decided to do some simple real world testing. Crazy surprised but the P4P is quite a bit better when you push the...
  7. S

    romanian clip

    with Dji Phantom 4 Pro +
  8. OOO

    My birds

    Both drones were in the air and they were filming each other.
  9. Racin8de

    Don't drink & Drone in Jersey ..

    Has anyone heard of a pilot getting busted for Flying a drone while under some type of influence? I heard of 1 person and that was the man from D.C who flew a Phantom on the White House grounds. I'm not for any NEW laws whatsoever Period.
  10. donatas1

    Birds VS Drones Attack by Birds

  11. A

    LankaTuber - Abdul Baset

    I recently bought a drone and started a new youtube channel. Please check out my videos and subscribe to my channel (LankaTuber). Thank you in advance Visit my Youtube Channel LankaTuber
  12. Skyler King III

    Litchi loss of control and controller said "NO RTH" when I pressed RTH

    Months ago I have a complete fly-away on my P4P with Litchi. When it was 200 feet away, it "disconnected" and disappeared into the wild blue. Thank goodness I had insurance (State Farm paid me ACH next day in full) that immediately replaced it with a new one. Never found the bird. Today I...
  13. D

    Top drones google sheets comparison, Spark, Mavic, P4P, GoPro Karma

    I was just making a list of comparisons for myself and thought I would share. ... 1m1bH9IM/edit#gid=0 Comparison prices were with remotes and built in screens if possible. I threw in Karma just because a lot ask. Still working on it but please let me know if any...
  14. M

    Very Windy! Fly or not to fly? Mavic & Phantom 4 Pro's Cinematic Footage

    So we were on the way back home and we came across a nice fishing village east of Scotland near Edinburgh, wave were strong, wind was gusty and at times hitting 25-30mph. But, I had to give the Mavic a wind test. It came out very well. Also had a Phantom 4 Pro as well, the phantom 4 pro slow...
  15. M

    Very Windy! Mavic and P4P Fly Trip on route to Edinburgh

    Ok, so as most of you who lived in the UK will know that past week or two, we had this stormy weather with strong winds, I wasn't going to risk anything with flying the Mavic but after coming across a few really nice scenery, I decided to gave it a go on flying in this windy condition, to my...