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  1. F

    I recently got a Mavic Pro and I need more range. Any recommendations? Is there a some sort of booster that I could put on my roof lol?

    I recently got a Mavic Pro and I need more range. Any recommendations? Is there a some sort of booster that I could put on my roof lol?
  2. cynicalpixel

    4Hawks XR for Mavic air range

    I've recently installed a 4hawks XR after much debate between the SR and XR. I figured I'd go with the larger of the two since I thought I'd get a stronger signal and more range. From the 5 or 6 flights I've done thus far, it seems my range is exactly what it was with the stock antennas or maybe...
  3. zamboni

    Tracking >100m from home when using only phone?

    My MA seems to be working correctly, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to make it do what i want. Hoping for some suggestions? I want the MA to track me while i ride across large open fields on my mountain bike, without using the RC. Whenever possible, i fly with it, but the RC is not...
  4. O

    Using a second drone to boost video range

    [NB: I'm just throwing this out there, because I lack the engineering prowess to pull this off as a modification.] Imagine having a small, second drone whose job is to park directly above you at your flight ceiling and RELAY control and video signals from you to your primary drone and back...
  5. anwudgf

    Flight Range in Long Island?

    Hello, I'm from Long Island but moved out to Southwest where I've purchased and have flown my Mavic Pro - with pretty good range. I've flown here in areas with and without residential and commercial interference. I have seen in dense areas typically I'm averaging 1-1.5 miles and in sparse...
  6. buttons276

    Titan Drones Control Antenna

    I’ve been wanting to get this antenna for a few weeks. I went back and forth with it. I looked around for peoples reviews. Some people seemed to love them. Some people said they were snake oil. Very few people answered the questions I had. I’m not a tech wiz but I know what I wanted to know when...
  7. S

    Range Trouble While in Mexico - Am I Using CE or FCC?

    I live in the US and am traveling in Mexico and I’m noticing significant decreases in range. I don’t know if this problem is because I’m now in an urban area (I normally fly in a more rural area) or DJI switched me to CE due to traveling in Mexico. I’m hoping that posting my screen shots will...
  8. M

    Mavic Air VS Spark CE mode (no FCC)

    i just made my own range test in CE area... check it out if interested!
  9. D

    Why inceased power consumption upwind?

    Does anyone know why the power consumption in sport mode at full speed is about 15% higher (from radar readings) when going upwind vs no wind at all, even though the tilt angle is the same at the maximum tilt angle of 35°? Using the moving slab of air concept shouldn't the power consumption be...
  10. T0mmykn1fe

    Alfa Networks 10dbi mod

    Does anyone have any experience with modding the DJI remote for the removal of the stop directional antennas and adding a single directional Alfa Networks 10dbi antenna (or two) to the Mavics controller (like they did with the Phantom) I've seen a lot of chatter about boost upgrades but am just...
  11. black_magic100

    Titan Drone cyclone antenna installed on remote for sale

    Purchased this remote + antennae along with a mavic from another well-known member on here. Not really interested in taking the drone really far out so I don't need the antennae personally. I have tested it 3 or 4 times and it seems to work fine (never tested it long range). No scratches or...
  12. F

    Found Mavic Colorado Springs Sept 9th

    I found a Mavic beside Rampart Range Road near Colorado Springs, CO on Sept. 9th, 2017. Drove around area for almost 2 hours looking for possible owner with no luck. Took home and posted on Craigslist but have had no replies. Found your Forum; hoping to return the drone to rightful owner. It...
  13. M

    RC Signal Lost Rapidly on/off, faulty controller?

    Okay, so starting with a few points. -I've tried firmware .700, .800 and now .900 -I've recently upgraded from a Phantom 3 Standard to my Mavic Pro -I'm familiar with correct antenna positioning for best signal -I'm currently using an iPhone 5S as the device with my remote in Airplane Mode I'm...
  14. P

    Long distance test (32,000 feet)

    I got my Mavic pro a month ago and I love it. I thought I would try and long range test in the desert so there won't be any interference. Around the city, I can never get more than a couple thousand feet. Unfortunately, I thought I was recording my screen but I didn't. I got to 16,111 feet...
  15. halley

    First Kilometer

    Made it past the 1000 meter mark for the first time. I've been really quite timid, expanding my confidence in the reliability of the Mavic. It blows away anything I had in the analog R/C world by so much it's hard to believe it's real. The green flight path in the KML from HealthyDrones...
  16. JakeMaxxUAV

    DJI Mavic Antenna Upgrades now Available @ Maxx UAV!

    Hey guys, we now have products available for the DJI Mavic Pro at MaxxUAV.com to help increase your range! Attached are some of the products we've added.
  17. Member

    6km range, battery close call

    Just found this. Close call!