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  1. Sand_Hanitizer

    New pilot here!

    Hello! I’m a new pilot from florida, and I fly the Dji mini 2. I have the TRUST test certificate and I’m thinking of getting the part 107 certificate in the future. I also have a few questions. I’m going to Spain in a few days, and I’m thinking of bringing my mini 2. Are there any specific...
  2. Yaros

    Flying in Slovenia - laws and regulations?

    Hello, I'm planning to fly in Slovenia in a couple of days, I am an EU registered operator already, I'm from Spain. But I would like to know more specific laws to fly there, and the official no-drone map. I found this online: Drone Laws in Slovenia | UAV Coach (2023) One of the laws says: Keep...
  3. C

    Local government doesn't mention drone laws.

    Flying a drone for commerical use and have gotten permission from the business. My local government doesn't have any information on their stance on drones. Just wondering if that means I defer to the FAA or if I should still ask my local government if it's ok to fly. I'm Part 107 licensed. Thanks!
  4. Yaros

    EASA is killing our hobby, yet no one is doing anything about it…

    Hello, you might know that I like to disagree with the drone rules and regulations, I still follow them (most of the time, that is) but I have strong feeling that EASA is trying to make drone flying impossible in the future. Let me explain: They are introducing many irrelevant rules that don't...
  5. TalesFromOurPocket

    Vietnam Drone Rules In Practice

    I'm planning a trip to Vietnam soon (they are reopening to tourists in March 2022). I am wondering if anyone from Vietnam or travelers with experience there could help me understand how drone laws are applied there in practice. I've read all the usual websites summarizing the rules. In short...
  6. Yaros

    VLOS rule makes flights boring - do you follow it?

    Hello, I have been flying drones for 1 year now and with my first drone VLOS wasn't a problem, the drone itself was big, bigger than a phantom 4 pro, and the range was limited (about 1 km max at 120 m / 400 ft) and you could see it from very far away. 6 months ago I got myself a mavic air 2...
  7. 51 Drones

    Why do we have drone rules?

    Ever wonder why some drone rules exist?
  8. B

    "Operating" a drone in a space versus just "flying over" a space

    I see a lot of regulations that prohibit "taking off, landing, and operating a UAV in X space." However, they do allow UAVs to fly over that space. (And also, the FAA allows UAVs to fly over any non-FAA-regulated space) What is the difference between "operating" a UAV and simply "flying over" a...
  9. M

    Should I add weight to my Mini to fly in Portugal (Madeira)

    I might be lucky enough to get away for 10 days in Madeira over Christmas and have been doing some research into drone laws which seem to be the same as mainland Portugal. One thing I've seen is that "toy drones" cannot be flown above 30m. Toy drones seem to be defined as under 250g. Obviously...
  10. Nelson_Santos

    Drone Association / Federation

    Hey Friends, Does exist a Drone Association or a Drone Federation in you country ? Please share that information here. Regulations in Europe and in the USA about Drones are changing and will not stop, we will only be able to speak if we have in the future a strong Drone Federation, in Europe...
  11. W

    Not always the drone operators who are wrong

    I try and fly by the rules and do the correct thing. In Switzerland I wanted to fly my drone about 4km from a heliport (Interlaken) so technically within the 5km zone. After telephoning the airport I was sent by email a form to complete. For some reason, the heliport wanted 24 hours notice...
  12. R

    How much high can I fly my mavic mini in Belgium???

    Hello everyone! I'm from Mexico, but I'm living in Belgium (at least until next October). I bought a Mavic Mini to enjoy all the amazing European views but for that I was doing my research about what can and can't I do with my Mavic Mini. I've found a lot of information about Mavic Mini is...
  13. Slava Ivanov

    Got arrested in Europe with a fine of 470 euros.

    I hope you'll find this message helpful. Well, I had my wedding trip in February through Denmark, Germany and Netherlands and everything was perfect until the day "x". The only thing I knew about regulations was the maximum flight height (which is 120 metres or so). I always fly with respect to...
  14. D

    Drone experiences research - your help needed!

    Hi all, Just bought a drone? Already a professional? A drone enthusiast? Regardless, your help is needed! I am looking for drone/RPAS/UAV pilots and enthusiasts to be a part of research I am undertaking into drone flying practices in the UK. What are the aims of the project? I’m exploring...
  15. I

    UK Drone Inquiry starts 11/06/2019. Watch it live online

    Important evidence being presented to the Science & Technology Committee 11/06/2019 on the future of Drone use in the UK.. EVIDENCE HEARING: Commercial and recreational drone use in the UK - ikopta
  16. mikeGR

    Flying in SFO and LAS under section 336

    Hi fellow drone pilots, Visiting San Francisco and Las Vegas for a couple of days next week and taking my MP with me. I have registered my drone with FAA under section 336 (since I am a tourist) and downloaded the B4UFLY app to check where I can fly and where I can't . Well, it seems that all...
  17. B

    AFP posts drone shots over Hong Kong (how many are illegal?)

    First of all link to the article in question : Drone over Hong Kong It seems however, most of these shots flout the local HK regulations (such as no flight shall take place above 90 meters (300 ft). Second, it is strictly forbidden to fly drones over Victoria Harbour or the coastal areas of...
  18. H

    Zambian drone regulations

    Dear fellow drone operators, I'm looking tot take my Mavic Pro with me next year when I'm traveling to Zambia. The only issue being the fact that I am stuck on the regulations, and contact from both the CAA and embassy as some suggested I should try and contact, are not getting me anywhere...
  19. Brojon

    Traveling Europe with drones.

    My wife is going to a conference next year then spending some time in University libraries doing research. So I will have some time ( a couple of weeks) to wander about and take my time with drone photography. I plan on taking my Mavic Pro and my Spark. Along with a small mirrorless digital...
  20. Carljames72

    Please read. Possible future for drone hobbyists

    I am attaching a link to a video regarding insight to the possible future of drone hobbyists. If you enjoy flying your drones, and follow the laws laid out by FAA then it is definitely worth 10;minutes of your time. If you don’t have your drone registered and don’t follow the guidelines...