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remote id

  1. P

    New firmware update V01.01.1600 US Remote ID (27-Sep-2023)

    The firmware downloaded today, haven't installed yet. I still don't see Air 2 on the RID DOC list, is that supposed to happen at some point?
  2. Chaplain Cody

    M2EA Firmware RID Update is Available

    M2EA Firmware RID Update is Available. Just did mine! Praise God! I didn't want to have to pay for a module for a temporary until DJI put out the firmware!!!
  3. astroprojector

    Remote ID for Mavic 2 Pro

    Hi There, I am using M2Pro to fly site surveys. September 16 is quickly approaching. As I understand, DJI will release firmware for the M2PRO that has the Remote ID functionality, but it will be sometime in December. Do I need to buy a Remote ID module until the firmware is available. If yes...
  4. Yaros

    New Firmware Update (29-12-2022) - what's new?

    There has been a new firmware released for the Mavic Air 2 released today, but the release notes aren't really descriptive (as usual): Optimized user experience, and improved overall software stability. I'm wondering, what's new in this firmware, is it DJI secretly adding Remote ID for EU and...
  5. Yaros

    Over 80,000 DJI drone IDs exposed in data leak
  6. Yaros

    New menu in DJI Fly - Remote ID Settings!

    I assume that this is mostly for Japan as the release notes indicate, but I saw this while flying, and I'm not in Japan, does that mean I need to put my Operator Number in that box too? There are no Remote ID Laws in Spain until 2024 to my knowledge. When I click on it:
  7. Yaros

    Just curious, can THIS trick Aeroscope?

    I thought of a potential way to make the pilot location unidentifiable to DJI Aeroscope, I wonder if it works. So, Aeroscope gets the GPS location of the pilot by the GPS in your phone, and the drone's location by the GPS in the drone, right? What if the pilot: - Puts phone in Airplane mode, so...
  8. cgmaxed

    Drone ID: The FAA's Stated Purpose. So WHY is the piblic given the right to view a Pilots location?

    From the FAA Website "The Remote Identification (Remote ID) rule provides for identifying drones in flight and the location of their control stations, reducing the risk of them interfering with other aircraft or posing a risk to people and property on the ground. The rule provides crucial...
  9. cgmaxed

    Re: Remote ID. What will the legal punishments be if someone is proven to have flown their drone w/o Remote ID?

    What will the legal punishments be if someone is proven to have flown their drone w/o Remote ID? Lets say someone with an older drone doesn't attach an R-ID module when the law becomes active. If the police find them, what will they legally do? What will the FAA do if the police report them for...
  10. New England Droning

    Remote ID ready?

    I probably missed this in the safety menu but I just don't remember seeing it prior to sending my mini2 out to DJI for repair. I got it back yesterday and they gave me a new drone and so I paired it and went out calibrated it and did a quick take off to above the house, did a 360 and then came...
  11. Z

    Remote ID - FAA Fail. Why it's bad and how YOU can help.

    Hey all, perhaps the most important Video to the drone/quadcopter community was published on our channel. Please check it out: There are timecodes in the description if you don't have time to watch the whole thing. Cheers,
  12. Photo Bomber

    Is the federal government behind the mysterious drone sittings?

    Is this federal government behind the mysterious sittings of drones? I'm starting to wonder if the government is involved in the mysterious sittings of drones in the sky's in the mid west. I'm wondering if they are trying to influence the general public's thinking as to the the new Remote...
  13. Rangerider

    Remote ID Coming Soon?

    The following is for forum consideration. It is inevitable that more control/monitoring will come upon us via Part 107 operations and the 'recreational' community will be relegated to even more confining airspace in my opinion. What do you think? From ALPA (Air Line Pilot's Association)...