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  1. B

    Time-consuming tasks...have you been there?

    Hello everyone.? I am a commercial drone pilot in a corporation. Even when I know that flight drones is something cool, sometimes involves dull and time-consuming non-technical tasks. Have you been in this situation before? I want to ask you if you would like to share some of those tricky steps...
  2. T

    Refresh - my drone replacement is lost

    I crashed my Mavic 2 Pro in September and since I have the "refresh” option I sent it for replacement. Everything was going well and fast until I received an email with tracking number telling me my replacement drone has shipped. This was a month ago and the tracking number keeps showing that...
  3. G

    DJI Care Refresh Problems - Advice Sought

    I am looking for advice. I sent my Mavic Pro in for its first Refresh a couple of weeks ago. The damage included 2 broken Platinum (low noise) propellers that were purchased at the advice of sales in the DJI Flagship store in Hong Kong. DJI has refused to replace the blades, citing an...
  4. L

    How much use before servicing?

    A question occured to me today, and DJI support can not answer it (I spent 10 minutes trying to explain, but it was not working.) Is there a reccomended amount of use (i.e. flight hours or distance in meters) that is deemed safe to fly before a professional ahould look at the aircraft. Like a...

    Gimbal Fault / Smoke Out - DJI Service Experience

    Thought I'd update this thread with my DJI Service experience. Short overview of the problem I had with my Mavic, after 4 days and the latest FW update, my Gimbal went crazy 4 minutes into a flight over a Scottish Loch. Managed to RTH while in a Death Spin, Gimbal was hanging just on it's Ribbon...
  6. Pol

    DJI "service" ?

    Just want share my frustrations with you guys. A few days ago the rubber band on my Mavic RC split (just like that, over night) I took as evidence to DJI. Something very easy to fix I was thinking. Boy, was I wrong!! DJI wants me send the complete RC to them. Are they kidding me, I thought...
  7. P

    DJI service is horrible!!!!

    Got a Mavic in February and really liked it. Then I got a vision sensor problem about 4 months after getting it. DJI told me to format SD card and update firmware. That worked, so all good. 2 weeks later got same thing so I repeated the procedure and and nothing worked. Tried recalibrating...
  8. Petr Besir Horacek

    DJI Care Protection Plan and serviced Mavic

    Hello, do you known if I can buy DJI Care Protection Plan for relatively new Mavic returned from DJI official service? Its looks like new item and all is perfectly functional. Thanks for help
  9. K

    Mavic Pro Gimbal Flexible Flat PCB GImbal Ribbon Cable

    what is the difference between these two flexible flat cable 1-