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tripod mode

  1. N

    Mavic 3 Cine Losing Jobs

    I love Mavics. So small and with the Mavic 2 we have something same quality as an inspire with more stability. I had all of them. I just got the 3 Cine and now have retired it from any paid jobs for several reasons. The main one, as you might guess is inability to operate safely in DLog. They...
  2. F

    Mavic 2 Pro - Attitude Mode - First Impression

    I updated the settings in my Mavic 2 Pro so that instead of "Tripod Mode", I now have "Attitude Mode". I took it for my first flight using Attitude mode yesterday. Big difference between Positioning Flight mode and Attitude mode. I now appreciate "P" mode more that I have had an opportunity...
  3. HiKen51

    Forest Flying

    Getting to be a bit more confident in my Mavic skills. Tried flying in the forest for the first time yesterday, Tripod mode is the only way I'd do it!
  4. mfc

    Stop button no longer works so cannot exit Tripod mode?

    I use Tripod mode a lot, but since some recent update to the App or firmware I cannot get out of Tripod mode -- the Stop button has no effect. Anyone have any suggestions/workarounds? ! Thanks.
  5. S

    Tripod mode

    Everytime I try to go into tripod mode, where the icon should show on the left there is a red circle with a white cross in it and definitely isn't in tripod mode. Any ideas?
  6. N

    Litchi for Android - tripod mode now!

    I installed the (Android) update for Litchi this morning - version 4.1. I'm SO PLEASED that it now includes "tripod mode"! I pretty much switched to Litchi a couple of weeks ago because of the constant app crashing with DJI Go. I'm using a Samsung S7 Edge. Litchi has honestly worked flawlessy -...
  7. G

    Auto tripod mode for landing

    I almost went into the lake yesterday when a slight unexpected gust threw me off target after my drone accepted the landing zone and began descending. My over corrections didn't help any. That being said if maybe I had toned down controls and also the ability to adjust height on my own instead...
  8. Johnny21

    Close encounters with tree branches

    Today I filmed the little river and waterfalls in my hometown valley.I used tripod mode for precision movements and tried to move between branches.Came pretty close one or two times but everything went fine.I had downwards VPS disabled and no-ND filter.
  9. kcoleman805

    Where is tripod mode?

    Sometimes when I fly and want to switch over to tripod it is right there alongside the other modes for me to choose from. But other times, like today, I can the Mavic in the air and went to the flight modes section and tripod mode wasn't available to select. Why is that? Please help!
  10. T

    A Finnish National Park, with snow and (camp)fire

    Did a short trip to the "wild", ie. a national park in Southern Finland. Almost perfect flying conditions with practically no wind at all. Really fulfilling to be able to shoot these scenes from up above and using the Mavic as a steadycam from time to time, in tripod mode. The opening scene and...
  11. Viper

    Another Practice session

    I shot some video today still testing D-LOG with different settings. Here's an image I shot RAW and did some editing on PS. Exposure 1/100sec F-stop 1.4:) ISO 100 Focal Length 4.73mm Filter ND8 Polar Pro
  12. heo3480

    Hole in One ;-) Testing tripod mode on the putting green

    All angles are filmed with Mavic in Tripod mode. Btw The reason for the miss in middle of video, was because I had to fly with one hand and putt with the other at the same time.
  13. T

    Tripod mode - your very own steadycam-rig. So cool!

    Didn't quite pay attention to the tripod mode before I got the Mavic in my hands, but now after a few tests, it's fantastic! Like having your own steadycam, but being able to fly it around. Gives huge possibilities in thicker forests and nature as a whole. Did a few shots here, really impressed:
  14. heo3480

    Amazing tripod mode

    Tried out tripod mode indoor yesterday, it's amazing how stable it is. We did have to trick it into OPTI mode, by turning it upside down and expose the light sensor. Seems it requires a good amount of light to start. Once airborne it was stable as a rock. Is this a general problem?
  15. M

    When Mavic Pro Meet GoPro Hero5 Black Karma Grip

    Here i'm testing out the steadiness of tripod mode on the Mavic and the steadiness of the gopro karma grip. I've got to say, the results were impressive, it was a quick shot on both mavic and gopro and quick edit too. Impressive little feature for a drone of this size, same goes with the karma...
  16. Mike_in_Letcombe

    Tripod mode - indoors (gulp!)

    Well it's blowing up a fair old wind outside, I'm very slow with work (very few people seem to want to buy AutoCAD software to put under their Xmas tree...) but I have a Mavic to play with. Tried flying indoors when I first got it but darn well nearly had a 'bump' so decided against trying...
  17. flumpet

    Finally Resolved Missing Tripod Mode Issue (With video)

    I got my mavic about 2 weeks ago and ever since i've flown in quite a number of places. However, on thing that bugged me was that I could never locate Tripod Mode. Now before you judge me for not reading the manual, i need to say that I know where tripod mode can be enabled, i know where tripod...
  18. Rom3oDelta7

    Questions on Tripod Mode

    1. Is Tripod Mode just a shorthand for setting the Advanced/Expo stick profile curves (assuming Mavic has these like the P4) or does it operate differently? 2. Does the Tripod Mode also affect the gimbal? 3. Can you combine Tripod Mode with Course Lock or Waypoints? As expected, even the 1.0...