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    Mini 3 Pink hue in bottom of video. Please help!

    I unboxed and flew my Mini3Pro a couple weeks ago and everything poked fine on the RC screen. Today I took the as cars out (SANDISK Extreme PRO, A2, v30, 512gb) and there is a pink hue to the video, only on the SD card. I tried a different SD card (SANDISK Etreme 128gb A2, v30) and the same...
  2. X

    Mini 3 Pro RC Offline Maps Not Installing

    I just got the Mini 3 Pro and I’m trying to download maps on the RC, but it’s not working. I’m connected to Wi-F and can clearly see that’s working, but I just can’t download any offline maps. What is the deal? Is this a firmware issue? And speaking of firmware, whenever I go to see if it’s...
  3. Z

    Help please! Antenna Install

    Hi guys but of help if you wouldn’t mind. I brought a better antenna for my pro V1 and when I installed the new cables it all went fine until I put it back together the 5d button (on the board) had moved down slightly as though the new bolts with the wires going through them had pushed...
  4. P

    Remote Controller Shutdown Error

    The remote controller for my Mavic Pro has become erratic, likely after too much bouncing during off-road driving. It now takes ~5 minutes to shutdown every time. I'll shut it down normally and the LED screen will continue to say Shutdown for 5 mintues, during which time the controller doesn't...
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    Help! Mavic Pro RC not working

    Hello there! So today for some reason, my rc and ac couldn't connect. The rc got stuck in 'connecting' and the ac kept flashing yellow. I thought that maybe it was a firmware thing, as every attempt to reconnect them failed(the controller wouldn't enter the 'binding' mode, when I did the 'rc...
  6. D

    PLEASE HELP w/ half black screen? Nexus 7-2013 w/ Mavic pro

    I have tried everything and spent 4+ hours on this, please help. The phone I was running wasn't on the official device list and was a little glitchy, so I bought a Nexus 7-2013, which is on the list. It is glitch/artifacts/or something bad. I have tried the last 3 firmware versions, multiple SD...
  7. T

    iPhone 6s not connecting to controller

    I recently upgraded the DJI Go 4 app on my iphone 6S (running 10.3.3), and now it will not connect to the controller, or when it does, it will disconnect randomly every few seconds. I have made sure all software is up to date on Mavic and controller, have deleted and reinstalled the app on...
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    Mavic Pro disconnect issues - DJI Support useless

    Hey all, New here to drone flying and the Mavic Pro is my first one. I've been flying R/C Airplanes for awhile. I just bought the Mavic Pro from BestBuy a week ago and have taken it out flying half a dozen times already. I've been experiencing issues with it disconnecting the video feed, and...