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  1. R

    HLG vrs D-Log M

    Can anybody tell me which is better, D-Log M or HLG. I know they are both 10-bit color formats, I haven’t done any color grading with D-Log M yet but notice the difference between normal and HLG without editing. Is color grading D-Log M like color grading a RAW photo? Thanks in advance for any...
  2. M

    Link to footage shot with my Air 2 and Mini 2

    Hey guys, Starting to get warmed up with my MA2. I have began compiling clips shot with my MA2 and Mini 2 (Before I returned it for the MA2), and editing them using LumaFusion. I have started uploading stuff to my YouTube Channel so that I can share with you guys. Let me know what you think...
  3. D

    PGYTECH Prop Guards tested

    I just bought and tested some PGYTECH prop guards and they work quite well. I do aerial videos for realtors in the northern suburbs of Chicago, and recently they have asked me to also do interior video. I don't have a photography background, but I am finding the Mavic2 works pretty well for...
  4. Bjørn


    Hi, I am Bjorn (17 years old) and I’m from the village Ouddorp. Ouddorp is located on the island Goeree Overflakkee in the Netherlands. I like flying with my DJI drone and like to make videos. I am a beginner, but what domyou think about my videos and do you have any tips for me? You can...
  5. CarsonV123

    Unable to play videos from SD card off mavic air

    Hey guys, So I've done a few flights on my new mavic air (had an amazing time!) and have stored my videos and such on a 64GB microSD in the MavicA. The video cache on my phone (backed up by google photos) gets the los res feed videos and photos on there but when i go get the videos off the SD...
  6. P

    Videos without location/GPS info?

    Hi! Recently got my Mavic Air and imported the first 4K videos yesterday into Apple Photos. I realised on the location information is missing on videos (photos have them). Double checked and there's indeed no GPS nor any other meta information on the videos (not much on photos either tbh). Did...
  7. C

    Rural Native American-Owned Land, Community in Delaware

    Greetings, folks. My American Indian tribe, the Nanticoke Indian Tribe of Delaware (sorry; I was born before being PC was a thing hanging over everyone's head. Growing up I NEVER played "Cowboys and Native Americans;" I happily played Cowboys and Indians with the other neighborhood kids!!) are...
  8. FantasticMrF

    What do you like to film?

    Personally my favourite hing to film so far is abandoned places; visited a derelict building and two abandoned mental asylums! I'll link the video below (all feedback is heavily appreciated)
  9. FantasticMrF

    Beautiful Scotland

    had an amazing sunny day today, took some footage
  10. C

    Cape May-Lewes Ferry, Delaware

    Here's a little video I put together of a local ferry boat operation in the nearby resort town of Lewes, Delaware. It transports pedestrians and vehicles from Cape May, NJ to Lewes, DE, two quaint coastal towns offering the usual beach ambience but with a difference due to their unique...