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  1. Adaaam75

    Fan not working ?

    Okay guys, Bought my Pro in Autumn 2018 and had a crash approx 6 months ago however all good and no issues....or so I thought. I had the drone on yesterday to autocalibrate the gimble and the drones compass and realised the drone was getting extremely hot underneath. I then received the...
  2. I

    Postman Pat Killed my Drone ! How to avoid losing ££$$

    If you are selling drone equipment via ebay etc be careful how you are shipping your kit, especially batteries. You could end up losing the lot & insurance will not pay out! This happened last week (NOT ME) and is happening more often. So follow the tips so it doesn't happen to YOU!
  3. ellenprojects

    WARNING: Don't fly the Mavic from your car

    We did that once and our drone suddenly flew to the right into the trees. Luckily only one propellor got broken. Just wanted to let you guys know :)
  4. pierakim

    [HELP] - Mavic Pro No Longer Usable After FW & App Update

    Hi everyone, I bought a Mavic Pro three weeks ago and what an amazing bird! I took the time to read a lot of things about it, how to set it, to calibrate it, to use it the right way..And people from this forum helped a lot! I didn't want to crash it or to miss something from the config. During...
  5. R

    RTH Altitude Ascent and Battery Overcurrent Discharge Warning

    Hey all - I'm new to flying, but I've been cautious in beginner mode getting a handle on the settings and controls. Today I decided to play around a little more practicing manual landing and take offs and playing around with camera settings at relatively low alts outside of beginner mode. I've...
  6. S

    When is a Class C Warning 'Just' a Warning

    I am on holiday at the moment in Dublin, Ireland (my hometown returning from abroad) and was forced to download the latest NFZ data by the DJIGO app. Earlier the same day I ignored the request to update only to have the app disconnect several times over the sea at close proximity so finally I...
  7. K

    Low battery warning beep. High pitch engine noise

    Q 1 - Help please. I read with one of the DJI updates (not the latest) that we are able to mute the Low battery beeping sound. Could not figure it out. Any instructions? Q 2 - Whne I fly on Tripod mode indoor with the prop guards installed, at times a high pitch / whistle enjoy noise is...
  8. Peel

    Airspace Warnings Post .0600 Update

    After updating to the latest firmware (.0600) I took my Mavic for a flight while visiting my sister's place over Easter weekend. I checked the sectional before I went there and determined that her house was in Class G Airspace - no problems. But when I started up the Mavic and got GPS lock, I...
  9. H

    Any help pls? / compass redundancy / download data connection lost

    so this happened! Any ideas at all? Checked the onboard footage and when the connection was lost the video went out of focus and started glitching. The mavic didn't regain signal until about 500 ft away. Also I was in sports mode and had a motor warning error before the compass warning happened.
  10. H

    Mavic lost video, maps and gps 1500 ft away

    Hi , I was flying in a park today and decided to go over a gorge to do some aerial shots of the road bridge. I flew up over the trees and headed to the gorge, when the mavic got there (around 1500ft away) the maps on my iPhone disappeared and the video feed cut out. On the controller I didn't...
  11. G

    [IMU]heading exception (In Flight)

    Anybody got this message? What does it mean? The full message on Healthy Drones reads: "Warning:[IMU]heading exception (In Flight) please switch to atti mode if craft behave abnormally" Was flying in cold weather (-10C) at a very high geographical latitude (Northernmost Finland, 69.37N). Not...
  12. Qoncussion

    Warnings preventing safe flight!

    I was flying in a field, where I fly often - more than 30 miles from the nearest airport, and literally in the middle of nowhere, when I received this warning on my screen (see image below). No problem - I clicked the two check-boxes, and hit confirm. This error persistently popped back up every...
  13. B

    Sys Warning Check App- app displays no warning

    Hi all, I've had my magic for a few days now. And since day one there has been an error that says "sys warning Check app'. It is displayed on the controller however when i go in to the app there is no warnings. I have treid to update firmware via Dji assistant 2 and It seems stuck in a...