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  1. O

    Mavic Mini 2 (UK) Weight With Operator ID Label > 250g

    Hello, I didn’t find an answer to my question anywhere so thought will just post it here. With the new UK regulations Mavic Mini myst now be registered and Operator’s ID needs to be labeled on your drone in line with the Drone Code Guidelines. If the drone’s weight is 249g out of box and you...
  2. M

    How much weight can the gimbal handle?

    In terms of filters, how much weight would be acceptable for the gimbal to handle? The oem filters weight about 1.5 ounces
  3. M

    Should I add weight to my Mini to fly in Portugal (Madeira)

    I might be lucky enough to get away for 10 days in Madeira over Christmas and have been doing some research into drone laws which seem to be the same as mainland Portugal. One thing I've seen is that "toy drones" cannot be flown above 30m. Toy drones seem to be defined as under 250g. Obviously...
  4. C

    Weighted load on mavic mini and fly away tree crash

    Hi All, I am new to the forum. I was hoping to get some advice about a crash of a Mavic Mini. I attempted to mount a flash light onto my drone (73.5g including battery). The drone had no issue with take off, but it simply flew away with little response to the controls and ultimately went...
  5. DJI Ferrari

    Will it work

    So I have this light I got from amazon a year ago and it is a 60 LED 1800 luman diving light that to me weighs light as a feather, well ok, not that light obviously but like a coke can light, anyway it weighs 525 grams, now, my question is will it carry it and is it safe to fly with it, I know...
  6. P

    Flying with one leg antenna?

    I only realized this now but somehow one of the leg antennas in my Platinum is detached...I know because I remember it slid out easily when I was tightening the screws on the leg to put it back in position after a rough landing. I didn't know what the heck the plastic strip was at the time, so...
  7. I

    A likely dumb question about carrying a toy camera.

    I have a completely theoretical, likely stupid question about a dream I've had for a little while, ever since I heard about drones I thought it would be super cool to carry a very small, lightweight instant camera on a drone. I've heard the Mavic lifts about a kilogram. Would it be possible to...
  8. T

    How much weight can the Mavic Carry?

    The newer phantoms can carry about 2lbs, so how about the new Mavic? Can this hold some external batteries to further that 27min flight time? I have yet to get a Mavic, but its weight carrying capabilities is something I am interested in. Has anyone tested its maximum weight?