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  1. K

    Mavic air yaw 2019 FW .620

    I had an issue with my drone yaw to the left. It yaws when ascending. Also tried to make it stationary with no issues. But when i flick the left joystick UP even just a little bit. It starts to yaw to the left. Tried restore default. Refresh firmware, imu, rc calibration and rc link. Worked...
  2. Amarand

    Aircraft Yaw CW - Neutral Controller

    Problem? Aircraft has a propensity to yaw clockwise with hands off the sticks Was unit in a crash? No What have you tried so far?: Full calibration in an electronic and metal-free backyard on grass (compass, IMU, RC, gimbal) What device are you using? Mavic Air RC with iPhone Xs Max What...
  3. J

    MA drifting in little wind

    Hey guys, just a quick question. Got my new Mavic Air via DJI Care and all great until I noticed something this afternoon. Not sure if it is just me being overly picky or whether it is an issue. I was flying above my house at 40m and I noticed the drone turning in the wind without me touching...
  4. G

    MPP yaw motion 'hesitates' when releasing gimbal tilt control

    My Mavic Platinum Pro video jumps at the end of a gimbal tilt (up or down) while also yawing, every time. You can see (and hear) the drone hesitate in its yaw action when this happens. Thought this was a gimbal issue, and had drone replaced with a new one. Same issue with brand new drone...
  5. GeraldV

    Yaw Judder

    Problem? Juddery video with Yaw Was unit in a crash? No What have you tried so far?: Slowing down Yaw, ND Filter to double fps What device are you using? Galaxy S8+ What firmware are you running ( aircraft, remote controller)? newest What Go app version are you using? newest version Any...
  6. W

    Compass error after yawing 360deg

    Hello everyone, I bought Mavic Pro a week ago and didn't have a single successful flight yet. I keep getting "Compass Error. Exit P-GPS mode..." error. Both compasses are working and are calibrated in an open field. (tested by putting metal thing to compasses - both react as they should). I...
  7. J

    Controller Calibration Doesn't Fix False Input on Left Stick

    Hi Guys, For as long as I've had my Mavic I've had an issue where it would slowly yaw right when flying. I have just recently realized that it is probably the controller. When I go to calibrate controller, it always shows a 7 to 8% offset to the right which controls my yaw. I can do any...
  8. J

    Magic - shuddering video during yaw rotation

    Hi guys Had my Mavic Pro since July, and consistently had issues with video shuddering when I rotate in either direction. See a quick sample video - notice above at top of the tree line and some of the buildings in the background are shuddering. I have tried slowing down the rotation...
  9. MavicMikeGA

    Waypoint Mission: Can I control the yaw of the Mavic during the mission?

    I just flew my first waypoint mission and set it up the normal way by flying to points and saving them. However, I was surprised to find that during the running of the mission that I could not aim (yaw) the craft at all. It followed the exact position that I used to set the waypoints which, by...
  10. S

    Ascending/descending while yawing / Weird compass 2 values

    I received my new Mavic yesterday. After updating the fw, went out today to do a test flight. Everything is OK but I noticed something strange: when I yaw the craft to the left, it descends about 1 foot, when yaw to the right, it ascends 1 foot (or vica versa, I can't recall it). Also when...
  11. M

    Rebound on left/right yaw during course lock.

    I was out flying today, testing some new settings and I found an issue with my yaw while in course lock. If I gave a little input to try and turn left or right it wouldn't turn as much as I expected. When I let go of the stick it would rotate back the direction it came from. I couldn't get a...
  12. nullgel

    Gimbal Yaw Adjustment (FPV is Crooked)

    Is there any way to adjust the gimbal's yaw? I only see a roll adjustment. I have a support inquiry open with DJI, but I figured it might be worth asking here as well. Since receiving my Mavic, the gimbal has always pointed approximately 3.5 degrees to the left when powered on (flying or not)...