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  1. GrayArea

    Mini 3 Pro zoom stopped working?

    I am a new drone user. On 6/2/23 I did all software updates on Mini 3 Pro drone and controller with screen. During test flights everything worked fine including using the zoom wheel on the right bumper of the controller. At some point, perhaps after the flights, I adjusted recording setting to...
  2. flflyer

    (SOLD) DJI Mavic Mavic 2 Enterprise Zoom w/Accessories

    (SOLD) DJI Mavic Mavic 2 Enterprise Zoom w/Accessories - excellent condition, no crashes (SOLD) Very Low Flight Time 1 DJI Mavic Mavic 2 Enterprise Zoom 1 DJI Standard Controller Misc. Cables 1 Battery Pack 2 Chargers including fast charger and car charger 2 Complete sets of props. 1 Set...
  3. W

    Zoom v's standard

    Hi, can anyone post any pictures taken with the Mavic 3 taken from the same spot, one with standard lens and one taken with the zoom lens please? Just wanting to see if I should pay the extra money and get the 3 rather than the classic. Thank you.
  4. M

    air 2s no zoom

    hello, i have drone air 2s now with RC controller but i can not zooming. i recording 4k30,d-log,h265 . my right scroll wheel not working, why ? i have settings on controller right scroll wheel on zoom . thanks for reaction
  5. D

    3 Night Mode Mav3, Using Double Spot Lights, 11oz total, Light Pole and Golf Driving Range filming. Postproduction zoom performed on golf ball close up.

    The initial filming of the driving range's light post was done in C flight mode to get a smooth flight circle around the light in the dark. Looks pretty cool. I could not use the Mavic 3's camera zoom in night mode when filming the golf balls, so I zoomed in post-production on the golf balls...
  6. D

    3 2160p video of Moon at 28x in high winds using a DJI Mavic 3.

    Mild Drift of camera occurs at 28x in high wind conditions, but not significant, considering the drone's zoom settings and wind speeds which were not recorded, but significant. OOPS, I posted a video similar to this, but this one is the full moon in high winds. Sort of unstable with...
  7. J

    Watching marine life - which drones work best?

    Hi all, new to drones but I am particularly interested in using it to spot marine life such as whales and sharks around where I live and whilst travelling. I am aware of regulations around how close you can fly to these animals so I am wondering what zoom capabilities I will require. The mini 3...
  8. S

    3 My first Long Range photo

    My first zoomed photo of a family members house in the Great distance, technically, fathers 3rd brother aka uncle lol.
  9. quadroger

    2 Zoom Surreal Hyperlapse Sunset - New Taipei City - Taiwan

    Surreal Hyperlapse Sunset - New Taipei City - Taiwan
  10. Blue Sat Elite

    Air2S Zoom Possibilities, In-depth review

    Hey guys, I made a comparison video of the different Air2S zoom modes. I also added some Artemis Dehalo processed samples of native air2s 4k 2X zoom videos (and also 1080p 2.8X). For me it has been a good solution for getting acceptable 2X Zoom video. Sorry for my poor pronunciation, still...
  11. Z

    Can we convince DJI to enable d-log + zoom at same time?

    I recently did a cinematic video with my air 2s where every clip was shot with about 1.3-1.4x zoom. I really like the field of view and compressed look you can get, similar to m2p hq mode. What I don't like is the normal colour profile xP ... actually, it's not as bad as I thought it would be...
  12. DJ Wes

    2 Zoom Birds, birds, birds

    While in Kansas City I captured footage of the Kansas City Terminal roundhouse. While doing so, a flock of birds repeatedly flew around my drone and got braver each time completely surrounding my drone twice. You can see this during the first minute of the video. I figured if they don't run...
  13. S

    Mini 3 Pro digital zoom vs cropping in post? (And vs Air 2s?)

    I currently have an Air 2s and find I can digitally zoom 2X without much loss of video quality. I like to do this when tracking my kids. The Air 2s has 5472 pixels horizontally to deal with, meaning the 4k video is nicely oversampled until about a 1.4X digital zoom. Digitally zooming further...
  14. J

    Mavic 2 zoom flyaway and crash seconds after take-off

    Hi all I have included the flight log for the info but last night I set up to fly my drone in Newcastle. I had 11 - 12 locked gps' and the home point was recorded. I did a compass calibration right before it too. I took off, and flew forwards towards the river then as I let go of the sticks...
  15. RGS2010

    Senior Moment

    Okay, so I just got a pair of the old DJI Goggles to go with my Air 2S. I got the goggles from Ebay and there were no updates on it so I used the Assistant 2 and ran 5 problems. Then, the Smart Controller said that it needed an update so I did that...again, no problems. THEN, I put...
  16. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    3 DJI Mavic 3 Super Zoom Camera Test Video

    I started shooting with the Mavic 3 this week, and so far I'm pretty impressed. The image quality from the super zoom camera isn't the best compared to the main M4/3 camera, but it's crazy to be able to capture photos and videos of such distant objects. These are very distant mountains in this...
  17. T

    What happened to the zoom feature on the Mavic Air 2?

    Hi, Why don't I have the zoom feature for videos on the DJI Fly app with my Mavic Air 2??? Did they discontinue this feature, because I can't find it anywhere? Please help, Thanks.
  18. N

    Active Track 2.0 Control & Framing

    Hi. I have 2 questions about Active Track 2.0 1. Is there a way during Active Track 2.0 (Trace, Profile, Spotlight) to control and adjust the altitude, gimbal (up & down), displacement (left & right) and zoom? 2. Is there a way to decenter the tracked subject while still being tracked? I’m...
  19. Drone_The_Sky

    Hey all just a little video about the Mavic Air 2 (Active Track & Zoom)

  20. G

    batteries overheating and melting plastic? M2 & now dropped from the sky

    i have 3 batteries, two of them looks like this at the connections, so opened a case with DJI to replace them. My third battery is new so should be a problem right? drone fell from the sky today.:oops: thank god for dji care, but wondering if anyone having this issue?