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  1. G

    batteries overheating and melting plastic? M2 & now dropped from the sky

    i have 3 batteries, two of them looks like this at the connections, so opened a case with DJI to replace them. My third battery is new so should be a problem right? drone fell from the sky today.:oops: thank god for dji care, but wondering if anyone having this issue?
  2. L

    Dji Mavic 2 Zoom Gimbal Broken

    Hi All! New to the group and unfortunately I come bearing bad news. I was pushing my luck with my dji zoom and now I have a warning saying “gimball motor load to large” and “gimball obstructed”. The gimball almost rotates a full 360 but then stops on its final stages before being centre again...
  3. B

    For sale is Mavic 2 Zoom camera - SOLD

    The camera has developed a Gimbal Overload Error for no reason and the tech guys wouldn't repair it so I had it replaced. The gimbal wouldn't level out and would usually stay askew after initializaton though sometimes it booted ok. A bit whimsical... All other functionalities work flawlessly...
  4. hactick

    Flying through the star on top of the town Christmas Tree..

    First night flight with my Mavic 2 zoom. Couldn't resist trying to get stuck at the top of the tree.
  5. HoverGuy

    WTB: Mavic 2 Zoom Camera (Only) Resolved, found one!

    WTB: Mavic 2 Zoom Camera (Only). Would prefer a new one or one that was swapped out for the Pro camera with 0 issues. Own a pro and would like to use the zoom camera for some upcoming flights. Thanks in Advance.
  6. FlyingAndCarp

    Working on low light footage with the Mavic 2 Zoom

    Been trying to play around with some low light flying, I set ISO to 100 and manually changed the shutter to get a usable exposure, I think it turned out pretty good. It's still a bit grainy, especially when looking directly at the sunset. I think I may have pushed the Zoom to it's max. If anyone...
  7. G

    Hello from San Francisco! New Pilot

    Hello everyone! I appreciate the MavicPilot community for sharing and teaching. The passed year, I've been flying toy drones around the house. Shortly after, I moved up to the Bugs 4w with the goal to improve on my skills and buy the Mavic pro. I decided to by the Zoom instead. I am loving...
  8. B

    One of the Mavic batteries not sitting flush (swollen?)

    Hey Guys, a proud owner of a Mavic 2 Zoom here. I’ve had the drone for about 10 months now. I got a fly more combo so three batteries and then I got two spares cause you can never have too many right? ;) Anyway, I just noticed one of my batteries is not sitting completely flush with the upper...
  9. C

    Gimbal Sticker on New Mavic 2 Zoom?

    Just curious if this is supposed to be removed or if this is a part of the gimbal/drone. Not sure maybe it’s a sticker I missed? Maybe not. I don’t want to remove it if it’s imperative but I don’t want it to stay if it’s going to cause issues with the gimbal over time. Anyone else have this on...
  10. R

    Mavic 2 Pro Can its camera zoom?

    Hi, As a newbie can anyone tell me please if I can zoom in with the camera on the above model? I've tried looking in the manual. Perhaps the zooming ability is restricted the zoom model and I just have to move the drone instead? Thanks, fellow pilots
  11. pickett22

    Use SD card in Smart Controller vs Zoom

    Aloha, newbie here with quick question. The Smart Controller and Mavic 2 Zoom have external Micro SD Card slots - is one better than the other to record video? Can you have a card in each and change record locations on the controller once one fills up?
  12. G

    Hyperlapse problems

    Everytime I do a sunset hyperlapse something goes wrong and every couple of seconds the image turns darker, depending on the length of the hyperlapse it can happen a few times per hyperlapse. I will try to upload an example so you can see for yourself and help me fix this. I have all setting on...
  13. C

    Mavic 2 Zoom - Zooming Issue?

    Quick question, I noticed while zooming in that there seems to be a shift in light. For example, everything looks normal when recording then when I zoom in, the image gets darker in some cases. I’m new to the zoom lens world, is that because less light is getting in the lens causes a shift to a...
  14. T

    Is it possible?

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum. Recently purchased a Mavic 2 Zoom! I’ve been messing about with it and noticed the Hyperlapse mode significantly increases visibility at night! But of course hyperlapese beens your video is going to go very fast. Is it possible to film normal footage with...
  15. Rockowe

    Heres a FUN one - Green Screening your Drone in Flight ... (Post)

    Heres a FUN One for you - Made today - Bonus (Green Screening yr Drone in Flight) … … Using LITCHI - in this so you can see its really All good - If you PLAN it... This one was planned using Google Earth as a Waypoint Viewer … (Planner) Then shoot a cool short video of your drone … (against...
  16. Rockowe

    How to Shoot *AT* yr Drone on the SAME Phone that Controls it...

    … SO I did some testing …. It appears that Its Possible to use the SAME Camera Phone that your Drone Controller is on - to shoot Pictures of your Actual Drone Taking off, Hovering or doing Stunts. You can do it all at the SAME time ! ( See Reference video and video ) This Video of the...
  17. Rockowe

    M2 Zoom - Easy 13km RoundTrip - Litchi with Manual Zoom - I love it !

    No FCC in South Africa - so Max Video Distance - really is about 5km... … BUT … that doesn't mean its a Limiting Factor - Also remember that Johannesburg is at 6000ft asl - so the air is pretty thin - Yet still this Drone Just handles it … This Video - Launches from a HillTop (10m - 20m)...
  18. I

    Mavic 2 - worried about turning of motors during flight

    Hi all, Been flying the M2 zoom for around a month and noticed in the settings that you can turn off the motors in flight - as far as I can make out this action is initiated by positioning the sticks as one would for starting the motors pre take off i.e. together or apart in downward...
  19. T

    DJI Mavic Pro Bundle (Fly More Combo & Extras) - $600

    Hi there, Im selling my DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo set + extras that is in excellent cosmetic & 100% fully functional condition. I'm including the entire fleet of extras and accessories that came with the DJI Fly More Combo as well as extra items purchased separately, here is a list of...
  20. D

    2 Zoom Issues

    Hi everyone. I would call it ‘3 Zoom Issues’, but getting the top of my finger cut off by the props while trying to catch it in the air is just my own stupidity. 1. I was flying in Tijuana, Mexico and was about 2 miles away from the drone when it lost signal. I panicked, but thankfully it...