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Active Track Crash (Obstacle Avoidance?)


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Jul 22, 2018
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Hi guys, i started testing the Active Track Mode (Follow car) and unfortunately crashed my Mavic Pro against a tree :/
The crash was probably my fault as i relied too much on the automated flight.
I even saw the tree on the screen (i wasn't driving the car myself) but thought the mavic would avoid it or at least stop and hover.

Anyway i am wondering why Obstacle Avoidance didn't kick in. Any ideas? I do not want to crash it again ;)

Problem? Obstacle avoidance did not recognize a tree during Active Track.

Was unit in a crash? Yes

What have you tried so far?: Started the drone to test if it's still working. But did not re-try active track or Obstacle avoidance so far. Device seems okay so far.

What device are you using? iPhone 6, Mavic Pro

What firmware are you running ( aircraft, remote controller)? all latest version

What Go app version are you using? latest version DJI GO 4 (iOS)

Any modification? stock unit

Did you change anything or install any apps? No

Do you have a video or pictures of the problem? (Crash at 01:25)

LOG: DJI Flight Log Viewer -

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Dec 20, 2016
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Duluth, Georgia
Active track is good but not perfect. It works great in a straight line but lags a little behind the target on turns.

The branch you hit was too small for the Obstacle Avoidance to see. I would suggest using prop guards and gimbal bubble while testing Active Track, that might help you in the future.