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active track

  1. marcojr

    Stills in active track mode?

    Hi, I'm still waiting my Mavic 2 Pro but I have a lot of ideas in my mind and I can't wait for it without ask. One of my ideas is to take photos of me while riding my motorbike, I would like to know if it's possible to shoot photos automatically (every X seconds) in active track mode, obtaining...
  2. S

    Mavic 2 Pro - Active Track Has Come A Long Way!!!

    So I received my MP2 late yesterday. Given the time of day the first thing I did was try out low light. Impressive. First thing I did this morning was test out Active Track 2.0. Although far from perfect, I was very excited by the results as my MA failed greatly in this regard. The M2P...
  3. Mathie818

    Filming a boat/ wakeboarding tips and tricks?

    Interested in trying to get some footage of wakeboarding behind my boat, can anyone recommend the best way to get close to the action? The boat travels at about 35 km/h, I’ve found when I manually fly it I can’t keep a steady/ smooth speed with the joysticks (when the boat hits choppy water...
  4. A

    Active Track

    So I've tried to use the active track feature, but it will only rotate with me, the drone won't actually move to follow me. I've looked around on the settings and can't find what I've done wrong.
  5. A

    Active Track Crash (Obstacle Avoidance?)

    Hi guys, i started testing the Active Track Mode (Follow car) and unfortunately crashed my Mavic Pro against a tree :/ The crash was probably my fault as i relied too much on the automated flight. I even saw the tree on the screen (i wasn't driving the car myself) but thought the mavic would...
  6. Ennie

    Rock Climbing in follow me/active track mode?

    Hey. I was just wondering wether or not the mavic pro could follow me while rock climbing in follow me mode or active track mode? Thank you.
  7. W

    VPS and active track stopped functioning

    Hi, First time poster, long time reader. My Mavic Pro is doing something weird. I entered active track and filmed for a while while riding the lawnmower (exciting, I know!). I then went back to normal flight mode and came in for a landing. When I landed, the drone just landed, without doing...
  8. William Ball

    Advise on active track settings

    Hi All, I did a short active track test this morning in 6 degree weather, yes 6 degrees F. But the wind had not picked up yet. Anyway I digress. I did a test of active track and noticed the quad is quite jumpy and the video shows the "jerkyness" of the quad. Should I adjust the braking to...
  9. A

    Active Track "aircraft too high"

    When attempting active track, my Mavic says "aircraft too high" causing the aircraft to only rotate on its axis, and will not actually follow me. I've tried different altitudes, even 15' off the ground, and the same message is displayed. Anyone else seen this setting maybe? I just noticed I...
  10. C

    Active Track Top Speed Tested...Disappointed

    Tried out active track with the truck today to see what the top speed was. I wasn't too impressed. Someone did mention however that it is possible there is a slider thing somewhere for max speed-but I didn't notice while doing the test. I'll try again though and report back.
  11. T

    Can't select subject in active track in WiFi mode

    Hello I have tried using WiFi mode for the first time today with the iPhone 7 Plus. I can connect and control the drone with my phone, but I have two issues: - can't tap the screen to focus - can't select the subject in Active track mode: I can activate Active Track mode, but cannot drag to...
  12. B

    Mavic pro how to follow while skiing down

    Hi. I'm going skiing in a couple of weeks and of course I want to get some amazing footage of me and my friends while skiing downhill with my mavic pro. However, I'm noticing a problem with the active track mode and all the skiing videos with the mavic pro on youtube. The mavic doesnt decend in...
  13. 3

    Decrease Active Tracking Damping?

    I have found that the Mavic Pro does a fairly good job following if the subject is at around walking speed (on curvy roads/trails with bushes and obstacles on the sides). As soon as the subject gets up to any reasonable speed, it follows like a drunk driver. It seems like the damping (of PID) is...
  14. ScubaBob

    Goggles and Active Track

    I have used my MP for many great action videos using Active Track. It is easy to get the subject matter into the focus area of my iPhone and then simply tap the GO so that Active Track starts following the object. But I can't figure out how to get the same functionality with the Goggles. When...
  15. L

    Why does Active Track with Smartphone+RC work much better than with Smartphone only?

    Hi, I had some issues with active track using Smartphone only mode with Wifi. Even to get a lock on me was nearly impossible even with perfect conditions: good contrast, close enough, sunny day. Then (on the same day, only a few minutes later) I put the same smartphone in the RC and switched...
  16. Gustavo Aguiar

    Quickshot mode or Active track

    Hello everyone, I have already tried the Quickshot mode, but yesterday I was test it again and when I chose the option Active track was activated instead. Does anybody know why? Very strange that everytime I picked up the Quickshot mode, I "draw" the square around the subject and the app showed...
  17. H

    Active Track

    i am keen to use active track to follow a moving target along a path. On the left side of the track are trees and on right side open fields. I want to fly below the tree line and only to the right of the track (so I don’t hit the trees) without any circling. Any ideas?
  18. I

    RTH minimum altitude of 20m...why so high?

    We just purchased a Mavic for a shoot in which we will be following ATVs along a mountain trail with trees all around us and above us (we'll be under the canopy). If the drone flies upward 20m for any kind of RTH, it's going to end up stuck in a tree. I'm unclear on why the minimum RTH is so...
  19. allen.foster

    Drone eating tree

    You've heard of Charlie Brown's kite eating tree? But have you heard about Daufuski Island's drone eating trees? My family and I vacationed recently on Daufusky Island, SC - a short ferry ride from Hilton Head. Had a great stay on this historically interesting and lovely island. On our last day...
  20. J

    Mountain Bike with Mavic Active Track Profile Mode

    A small mountain bike ride without the Mavic DJI in the backpack. This tracking technology is absolutely brilliant. Everything is not perfect as one might think, it is necessary to correct by rolling altitude the avoidance of lateral obstacles ... It is not possible to practice mountain biking...