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active track

  1. W

    Air 2s Active Track, Geo Zone and DJI Authorisation……Concern/Issue

    Okay so brand-new to flying this drone(Sept 24! 2021) so I have had some Dji administrative challenges and first time post. To begin with at no point in time was the 2s even close to the edge of the authorised Dji zone. The flight area was in a TFR that did not become active for several...
  2. N

    Active Track 2.0 Control & Framing

    Hi. I have 2 questions about Active Track 2.0 1. Is there a way during Active Track 2.0 (Trace, Profile, Spotlight) to control and adjust the altitude, gimbal (up & down), displacement (left & right) and zoom? 2. Is there a way to decenter the tracked subject while still being tracked? I’m...
  3. Geo_fletch

    Active-Track Crash... extremely lucky caught on film

    I have been flying for over 2 years and crashed for the first time. I was using active track at school where I teach and I got extremely lucky when the Mavic 2 Pro took an arc and collided with some power lines. The drone hit the front arm leg., Props were not touched and the drone stayed...
  4. Steve F

    Demonstration of the Activetrack capabilities of the MA2 with a motorcycle

    Here is some footage that was shot exclusively using the automated capabilities of the drone without any other people assisting. The drones controller and phone is strapped to the tank bag of my motorcycle so that I could start, stop, and make any tweaks while riding. To ease with the controls...
  5. Drone_The_Sky

    Hey all just a little video about the Mavic Air 2 (Active Track & Zoom)

  6. O

    Newbie Help

    Hi all Just joined the forum so please be gentle...:) Im thinking about getting a DJI with Active track to film football (soccer) games. I have looked into the ACTIVE TRACK feature and my main questions are: Can the ACTIVE TRACK feature lock onto the ball and follow it around to film a...
  7. M

    Cant use ActiveTrack when downgraded to 1.03.07?

    Hi everyone, So I followed digdat0's video for downgrading to 1.03.07 and then upgrading back to 1.04.05 without 305,306,905. I did it successfully but when my mavic is at 1.03.07 I get this warning saying "Command timeout" and "Vision sensor Error". I can draw a green box but it will just...
  8. D

    Terrible Video Quality Mavic Air (video link included)

    Video link showcases my problem. Super laggy and choppy video with flashes of black and green. Live recording on iPhone is laggy and video is as well. The problem only occurs so far in Active Track mode. U3 SD card, latest firmware...
  9. heo3480

    DJI Mavic Air 2 Active Track Test under real conditions

    DJI Mavic Air 2 Active Track Test under real conditions recording HDR video to supporting the quality of the recordings. No doubt this is a great update, but it does not do miracles as you will see in this Mavic Air 2 Review
  10. Baqca Sanke

    Mavic 2 Active Track Torture Test on my Ebike (Spoiler Alert: It's Amazing)

    Rode my ebike for the first time in a year since my accident. Went out to a local park that wasn't closed and really gave the Mavic 2 active track a run for its money! Despite what some of my editing looks like it only ever lost track of me ONE time :cool:
  11. desertvet38

    Following Jetski on Active Track Mode

    This jetski though he could outrun my DJI Mavic 2 beast mode (okay, not really "beast mode", but more like "active track mode"). Nope..maybe some other day, pal. This was taken on the Alafia River, by William's Park in Gibsonton.
  12. A


    I needed some after effects practice and I wanted to test Active track, so here ya go! Safe flying everyone!
  13. C

    Maiden flight footage entirely on active track mode

  14. Hamid_SNJ

    Again cycling with mavic pro!

  15. H

    Volcano trail run - first attempt at active tack

    Filmed a friend running the rim of a volcano in Italy at dawn. Never used active track before, I was quite impressed.
  16. Hamid_SNJ

    My first cycling with mavic pro

    Active track and cycling! this is my first cycling videoclip
  17. M

    I Shot some cinematics of my Car - Mavic Air

    Took my Air out and gave it my best to get some awesome cinematics! Definitely a lot to learn, but I'm happy with the result! Let me know some feedback?
  18. c.oberschneider

    [DJI Mavic 2 Pro & Ronin S] - Drifting on Ice - BMW Winter Technic Drive in the Austrian Alps

    Short edit about the BMW Technic Drive event with BMW Mountain Ambassadors & Freeskiers Sandra Lahnsteiner & Roman Rohrmoser high up in the mountains of the Austrian Alps. Filmed with my Mavic 2 Pro, Ronin S (with a Sony A6300 & PZ18105G), and a GoPro Hero 7 Black & Karma Grip gimbal for the...
  19. 00TANK

    Where is spotlight?

    Hi all, I’m pretty new to flying and this is my first drone, so apologies if this is a really novice question. My problem is I can’t seem to find the spotlight option anymore in ActiveTrack. I know it’s been there before and I’ve used it several times. But now I can’t see it anywhere anymore...
  20. marcojr

    Stills in active track mode?

    Hi, I'm still waiting my Mavic 2 Pro but I have a lot of ideas in my mind and I can't wait for it without ask. One of my ideas is to take photos of me while riding my motorbike, I would like to know if it's possible to shoot photos automatically (every X seconds) in active track mode, obtaining...