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obstacle avoidance

  1. calmar81

    Backup IMU Warning – Can that happen once?

    On my last flight yesterday (the drone was maybe 20m above me when that happened) I had a short disconnect, which unfortunately is not displayed on the flight recordings in the DJI Go 4 app when the flight is being played back. But what I do see is a few warnings that I'm not sure about because...
  2. M

    Times obstacle avoidance has failed you?

    Obstacle Avoidance (Mavic Air) has saved me so many times, I have never crashed it due to this feature. But I have had some EXTREMELY close calls with obstacle avoidance, to the point I wondered if it was on! Have you had some close calls or has it ever failed?
  3. gingerweb

    Obstacle avoidance error

    Please be gentle I am a beginner but learning as I go and still in one piece! I had a nice flight today with my new Mavic Pro and after about 10 mins decided to bring it home. All was fine until it got above "home" and wouldn't come down, saying Obstacle avoidance on the controller. I brought...
  4. A

    Active Track Crash (Obstacle Avoidance?)

    Hi guys, i started testing the Active Track Mode (Follow car) and unfortunately crashed my Mavic Pro against a tree :/ The crash was probably my fault as i relied too much on the automated flight. I even saw the tree on the screen (i wasn't driving the car myself) but thought the mavic would...
  5. KeithLa

    Initial impressions: Costco US$1299 MPP+goggles

    First timer here, picked up Costco's spring 2018 Mavic Platinum Pro (MPP) with DJI Goggles US$1299 bundle last week at my local store, and subsequently read/watched reviews to decide whether 1) it's a good deal, and 2) would I prefer the smaller/smarter/cheaper Mavic Air (MA), as suggested by...
  6. VegasDisplays

    Lost Signal-RTH-Close Call


    Turning Off obstacle Avoidence.

    So, After continuing problems with CPU and A few problems with with sun etc, I decided To turn off my obstacle Avoidence. What I found was A higher Std Speed plus longer Flight times. I fly the beaches alot and my RTH is set High enough to avoid any surrounding abstacles. Has anyone else noticed...
  8. AerialsRus

    Flight Simulator Issues

    Have encountered several issues when using the flight simulator: 1. Ambient Light Too Weak shows up on screen when Mavic is on my desk. 2. Get Notification on screen that aircraft has entered a warning zone (unpaved airport) Please fly with caution. When Mavic sitting on my desk. 3. A red...
  9. halifax

    Low solar angle and obstacle avoidance conflict at winter solstice.

    Hi Friends, Just posting this for the record. I was flying the Mavic Pro on December 21, 2017 at 11:30AM EST in NW Connecticut and running an automated waypoint mission at 350' AGL in a forested setting. 12/21 was the winter solstice, with the lowest daytime solar altitude occurring at 11:27 AM...
  10. M

    Mavic Goes Slow - Really Slow (Solved!)

    Another problem Solved. I’m not sure what started this but it may have been a firmware update. My mavic would only go 5-6mph in the horizontal plane. It would go up and down much faster. Horizontal movement was very sluggish as well. I tried updating firmware from app, resetting the gain and...
  11. G

    Obstacle Avoidance Failed

    [Mavic Pro] Hey guys, need some help. I don't want to blame anybody else other than me. But I really need to understand what happened. I was flying today from inside a building in the city Downtown, I leave in Brasilia, Brazil's capital. A very busy building and I needed to fly out from the...
  12. G

    RTH obstacle avoidance in action

    I attempted to fly to a friends place on Pensacola Beach. Stayed out over the water most of the way and got to their cove and lost RC signal. Had the RTH height set to 150 feet as I thought that was plenty high enough over the water. Well, RTH course is a straight line to the home point, right...
  13. S

    Scary Return Home

    Mavic Pro paralysed by an obstacle 149,600,000 km away - Has anyone else seen this? Out at dawn on the weekend to get some early morning scenery, so I stand with the sun behind me and fly the Mavic out in front of me and up into the distance to about 45m altitude. Then I press the RTH button...
  14. ColoradoBob

    Mavic Saves Itself from Epic Pilot Error. Mistakes were made...

    Here's photographic proof that Return to Home Obstacle Avoidance really works. I'm flying around this mountain when I decide to do a scrim shot off of a prominance. I'm enjoying fixed wing mode making these really long passes shoothing 4K video. When all of a sudden I pull the biggest epic...
  15. mouron13

    Flying in P mode with obstacle avoidance

    Hello, I'm a new Swiss Mavic Pilot. I don't speak so good English so scuse for the sentences. At the beginning when I fly in P mode with obstacle avoidance, my Mavic speed was normally 30-35 km/h. Now it fly only 13-15 km/h. When I switch off the obstacle avoidance it fly at 45-50 km/h as say...
  16. 51 Drones

    How good is the Mavic Pro Obstacle Avoidance?

    Pretty amazing, this little drone!
  17. welsewool

    Low light / Night shots flight settings

    Hi everybody! Yesterday was my first low light flight and I faced a lot of issues. 1. Mavic is drifting a little bit both vertical and horizontal 2. DJI Go warned me about Obstacle Avoidance system problems So I wanted to ask few questions: - should I turn off Obstacle Avoidance system or...
  18. J

    In Sport mode and obstacle avoidance during RTH

    I have a hypothetical scenario I wasn't able to find a clear answer for in the manual, or by googling. 1. On the Mavic, the Forward Vision System is Enabled and your RTH Altitude is set to 30 meter/100 feet ( yes, low) 2. You're goofing around in Sport Mode in an urban area. (Forward/downward...
  19. MavicMikeGA

    Hat Tip to DJI: A Message From An Impressed Engineer

    I flew a westward mission around 10 AM yesterday morning (location: Georgia, USA) which put the rising Sun at my back. I flew out about 2500 feet, had a look around at the nice landscape then hit RTH for the heck of it. The Mavic turned about and headed eastward (facing the Sun) home but...
  20. J

    Obstacle Avoidance - Walking Towards Mavic

    Has anyone tried walking towards their Mavic With Obstacle Avoidance on? Does it fly backwards so that you don't walk into it? The one time I tried it I got around a foot away but the mav just hovered in place and beeped. That was back when the firmware was early, probably the first version...