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Aircraft disconnected mid flight


Apr 17, 2017
Hi all,

Again, one of these aircraft disconnected mid flight threads.
Any ideas why these happen so often? I updated all android software on my Nexus 7 II, firmware 0.900. Everything is fine, 13 min in gimbal video gets disconnected. I still control the drone, get it to me and land.

Please find below the logs in TXT and DAT for today's flight. I'd be grateful for tips and reasoning behind the error, with each flight I'm more anxious something will happen.



TXT 1 (no information on the mid flight disconnect):
DJI Flight Log Viewer -
TXT 2(after disconnect)
DJI Flight Log Viewer -

Dropbox folder with DAT files for all of today's flights - the disconnect seems to be included here:
Dropbox - DroneDAT
stock cable connecting the RC to the tablet ,phone whatever your using?
There seems to be a general problem with the andriod app disconnecting. Since you were still able to control the drone, you did not lose signal between the drone and the controller. Further, your statement, "gimbal video gets disconnected," indicates that the app did not crash. Chances are you had a poor cable connection between the controller and your phone; either the cable was not fully plugged in on one or both ends, or you have a bad cable. Try using a cable you can plug in to the regular USB port on the bottom of the controller (make sure nothing is plugged in the side microUSB port).

It would help to know which DAT file is for the flight where you had the problem; save people from looking through all four.
normally using the side connection on the rc or a crappy cable from rc to phone/tablet causes this,however for me it was goapp 4.13 that was the problem.rolled that back to 4.10 and no issues.
As mentioned in the op using Nexus II tablet. I was using the bottom connector with original Samsung usb cable used with my fast charge charger. I guess the Samsung cable is not good enough xD
Thanks for help on the matter
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