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Asian countries for business relationships; which do you prefer?

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Dec 20, 2016
Duluth, Georgia
Based on your experience doing business with Asian countries, which do you prefer?

My favorite countries to do business with are Japan, Philippines, and Thailand. In my experience, here is what I have found:

Japan - Their word is their bond, they adhere to strict deadlines, and they insist on quality. Prices are higher to do business with Japan, but I have always gotten what I have paid for.

Philippines - Very hard working people, punctual, honest, friendly.

Thailand - Their word is their bond, prompt and timely, always service with a smile, very economical labor rate. Very chill people.

I have done business with almost all the countries in the far east, but those made my top 3.
I worked in China on and off as a consultant and also hete in Australia for Chinese clients. For business they were fine tjough their engineers tended to have a very "by the book" approach. Unfortunatly that book was wtitten for China.

Also did work for Indians. Never again. Had zero respect for IP and thought paying their accounts was optional. Several times we stopped work until they paid and started to require payment in advance.
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