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Audio gain with latest firmware 1.07.00


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Oct 12, 2016
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A little Easter Egg has been discovered, true to form DJI release notes do not describe all the changes but this unannounced one is very useful.

If you plug in an external mic with the Cynova adaptor, you can use the 'sounds' menu to drop the gain by selecting 'Low' - the change is around -2db and quite noticeable in editing software.

The other settings seem to give you 'normal' gain, or are too subtle to be sure anything happens.
This is excellent news if you want to use the camera in a noisy environment the most obvious being motorbike helmet.

Without an external mic plugged in the options only control the confirmation sound/beeps level.

Edit: This seems now up in the air, it might depend on your microphone system and automatic compensation.
With a rode video micro plugged directly in I notice a lower gain (on Low in sounds).
With a different Sennheiser wireless mic it doesn't seem to happen.
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