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Buzzing sound from controller


May 29, 2017
Anyone else have a buzzing sound off their MP controller? I got a replacement MP today after a horizon tilt issue and noticed a buzzing sound coming off the controller. Didn't have it on my last one, not that I remember anyway!

Cheers in advance
It has a cooling fan. Should be normal, in these temperatures ;)
Yeah I know about the fan but I live in Ireland and it's p***ing rain! lol It just sounds a bit weird like the fan is hitting the body of controller..
Thanks for reply! :)
Oh, sorry then. I just assumed you had just p***ing rain until now, and never get to have the fan running :) Must be something else then.
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Mine does it too, I didn't know that the RC had a cooling fan inside, I just assumed that it was mimicking the sound of the fan from the MP through the speaker on your phone, I should disconnect the phone from the RC after landing and see if it stops.
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Mine has started to buzz its not hot out in fact its kind of cold and it doesn't sound like the fan sounds more like a resistor or component of some sort buzzing. started after about 5 min. of flying and doesn't stop until you disconnect and shut down
The controller DOES have a cooling fan inside it. Mine does it all the time too.
The controller DOES have a cooling fan inside it. Mine does it all the time too.
yes i understand that but it's not the fan when the fan comes on it sounds smooth like a fan should this is an electrical Buzz coming from one of the components very noticeable over the fan sound. this morning the fan wasn't even on only 9C here and it was within the first 3to4 min. of powering up. have sent DJI an email will update this later
After putting this short vid together and listening to it on the headphones its sounds like it's a fan prob. never had this buzz sense i got it 4 months ago but defiantly can hear the difference , hope this helps the rest of you guys. i'm going to send this to DJI when they get back to me
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