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Class G airports


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Jun 23, 2018
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Newbie here with a new Mavic Air just sharing a story about contacting uncontrolled airstrips. Mods please move this to a more appropriate thread if this is a duplicate.
I wanted to do a flyover of the Esopus Lighthouse on the Hudson River in Upstate NY.
I was in the airspace of a Class G and a hospital heliport.
As a newbie I was a bit intimidated but they couldn’t have been nicer. In fact, they were extatic a drone pilot cared enough to call. Neither the airstrip operator nor the helipad wanted my FAA reg number or my cell phone number even though I offered it. I told them the general area and they just asked what altitude I’d be flying. I told them no more than 300 AGL and they were fine with that.
I think it might be how you talk to them. I told them what I planned to do and asked if that would interfere with any air traffic.
Just wanted to share. It may seem like a pain in the *** but it took about 15 seconds to make each call. And oh yeah, it’s the law unless you’re Part 107.
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