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Do you charge your batteries back to 100% for storage?


Never store mine at 100%. I always try to fly down to 30% and then recharge to approximately 50% for storage. Charging to 100 from 50 time wise is not too bad. If only the charger hub could have a function to stop charging at 50%, that would be ideal.

Batteries are expensive and need the maximum life out of them. Would not trust the self discharge mode of the smart battery.

What about at 75%?
Ok. Noted. Never charge batteries to %100 before storage.
Question: I've already done this a couple of times (3–4 or so). They were charged to 100, packed up for a week or two, then i saw only 3 glowing LEDs when i opened them up. I can't change the past, but…

Do you guys think i've ruined them already? Or is this more of a chronic battery abuse sort of problem?
What do you do if you have 3 fully charged batteries to go flying and u only fly 2 batteries?

What do you do when u get home with the 1 still fully charged battery?
What do you do when u get home with the 1 still fully charged battery?
The batteries will auto discharge if you do not press the battery button. By default, they will not start the auto discharge process for 10 days. You can reduce that waiting period by decreasing the following setting for each of your batteries:

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