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If you persists with hand catching it from your balcony, you will have to grab it before it senses the railing. Try practicing it some where on the ground, out in the open, until you perfect the catch. Watch some YouTube Videos on the subject...
I was in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic on vacation. I launched the Mavic 3 from the beach area on a beach chaise lounge. After flying it without issues, I tried to land the drone, but it came to a hover about 3’-0” or 4’-0” up in the air above the chaise lounge, but it would not land. The controller then said it could not land because it was in a Restricted Flight Zone (or something along those lines) and it was not safe to land. So, I grabbed the drone and tried to turn off the battery. No luck. I then tried to remove the battery from the drone. Unfortunately, the tabs to remove the battery are very high up on the drone. In process of “successfully” ejecting the battery from the drone, I BADLY cut both Index fingers and had to go to the hospital. One finger was injured much more severely than the other. The right Index finger had two deep cuts that required stitches. Thankfully no nerves or tendons were damaged in the proces. $900 of medical bills later, my fingers are now healing. Yes, that was stupid. I admit it. I should have thrown a towel over the drone and risked damaging the propellors and not my fingers.
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Has anybody ever have this happen to them? Do you have any suggestions on how to address this in the future should this occur? If I wore kevlar reinforced gloves or thick work gloves, what would happen if I grab the propellors? How else could I have turned off the drone? This is ludicrous. It was not a Restricted Flight Zone when I took off, but it was when I tried to land the Mavic 3 but couldn’t.
If you upload the flight log for the flight to PhantomHelp or replay the flight in the App's flight records section you may see the warning message with out the need for 'something like that'.
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Ouch, is what I yelped as a rear blade sliced into my finger.

First time a blade hit me since starting with drones… it was more painful than expected… they appear so lightweight I wasn’t expecting that… felt more like the scalpel of a drunken surgeon…

If that's the case you would not have been happy with R/C planes where we experienced prop cuts routinely. I have a scar on my thumb where a razor sharp (APC brand) 16" prop sliced the meaty/fat part of my thumb (thumb palm if you will). DJI props (especially on the smaller aircraft) are MUCH more forgiving when they contact human flesh than large and razor sharp props of larger aircraft.
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